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Win a $5000 Holiday for Buying Vehicle with RVMAP Key

Category: News, Date: 14 February 2018

When looking around to purchase your new caravan, camper or motorhome it is crucial to look for the RVMAP Accreditation Key. The Key is a symbol that the manufacturer has committed to both build and supply a product that adheres to Australian Design Rules, regulations and Australian standards.

Win Today

If that’s not enough of a reason, we have a few extra incentives for you.

Just by purchasing an RVMAP (Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer’s Accreditation Program) Accredited Recreational Vehicle between now and June 23, 2018, you can go into the running to win a $5000 camping holiday.

Six lucky runners up will also take home a Dometic Cool Ice CI55 worth $289 to make their next camping holiday even better.

Thanks to Pedders Suspension, every valid entry receives a free Tow and Load Assessment.

Some drivers might not know it, but vehicle weight from towing loads can be a significant factor in the safety and performance of a vehicle. To help keep drivers and passengers safe, Pedders have developed the world-first service to assist customers in understanding vehicle weights.

Looking out for the key really is a win-win.

What are you waiting for?

What the RVMAP key tells us about the accredited business

  • They have committed to building a product that adheres to relevant Australian Standards and Australian Design Rules.
  • They are committed to adhere to the program’s Code of Practice and Code of Ethics, which go beyond the government rules and regulations.
  • They have agreed to have their products randomly and regularly reviewed.
  • They are committed to continually improving standards as an industry as well as their own products.
  • They have chosen to be part of this industry program as a representation of their commitment to compliance.
  • They have access to extensive technical support to ensure both their industry and product knowledge are up to date.

As a buyer, the RVMAP Accreditation Key provides a greater level of certainty when you are dealing with manufacturers of caravans, campers and motorhomes. It is by no means a warranty of compliance or a guarantee of quality for your vehicle – these reside with the manufacturer. However, the key does mean that the accredited business has agreed to be held accountable to the RVMAP Accreditation program, which indicates that they are committed to compliance and the highest industry standards.

How to win a $5000 camping holiday

Entry is open to Australian residents aged over 18 years who purchase a new RVMAP Accredited RV between 15 February 2017 and 23 June 2018. To enter simply complete the fields below and confirm you’ve read the terms and conditions. For a full list of RVMAP accredited manufacturers and more information on the Key click here.

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