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Towing Guide Download

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Besides adding to a driver’s legal responsibilities, towing requires a greater degree of knowledge and skill than normal driving. Within the The National Caravan & Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide download you will find a wealth of technical information, handy hints and advice. When put into practice, this guide will help you to tow your recreational vehicle with a greater degree of confidence and safety.


Towing any type of trailer involves more than attaching a towbar to your vehicle and hitching
up. It adds another dimension to your driving and there are a number of considerations you should
take into account.

These include:

  • the towing capacity of your vehicle;
  • the type of tow bar you should fit to your vehicle and the maximum load capacity of the coupling;
  • the trailer when laden and coupled to the vehicle shall not exceed any of the tow vehicle
    maximum ratings;
  • the ATM must be specified on the trailer’s Vehicle (VIN) Plate;
  • the type of trailer you are towing and whether it complies with all the regulations governing trailers in Australia;
  • the type of equipment you may need to fit to increase the trailer’s stability when being towed;
  • whether your trailer is correctly loaded;
  • the ways in which towing can affect your driving;
  • the safety checks you should make prior to and during your trip; and
  • the type of insurance most suitable for your caravan or trailer.

Answer a few easy questions here to get your Caravan & Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide download, a complete guide to everything towing in Australia.

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Vehicle weight from accessories, cargo load and towing represents a significant factor in the safety and performance of your vehicle.

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