Weirdest attractions around the nation

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 28 April 2022

The Australian nation- It has beautiful coastlines and gorgeous mountainous terrain, but there are some pretty weird and whacky tourist attractions spread throughout.

We listed our favourite spots to give you some inspo for your next trip.

The Edge of the World- Tasmania

Now this one is pretty unique.

The edge of the world really lives up to it’s name.

From the coastline, there is close to nothing but sea until you reach Argentina which is on the complete other side of the world.

It’s a breath-taking view, and it’s pretty cool to flex to your friends that you’ve visited the edge of the world. Plus, tours are now available to take you around!

Squeaky Beach- Victoria

This place lives up to it’s name. Squeaky beach is filled with pristine, white, dry sand which gives a squeak when you walk on it.

This coastal paradise is an excellent, unique addition to your trip.

Plus, this is a great trip idea to bring friends along for a few laughs.

Hamelin Pool- WA

Take a step back to about 3.5 billion years ago and see the wonders of the Hamelin pools.

Filled with living fossils, the pools are home to some of the oldest stromatolites on our planet- the key to our entire evolutionary makeup.

Some say it’s truly like stepping back in time.

The Living Desert Sculptures- NSW

Located in the beautiful time capsule that is Broken Hill, the Living Desert Sculptures are a breathtaking work of art.

Take the afternoon to watch the sunset fall, showering the statues in golden light amongst the red soil.

The Champagne Pools- QLD

Another coastal addition are Fraser Coast’s famous champagne pools.

Located just above volcanic rock- a natural phenomenon occurs where the pools start to bubble and fizz creating a surreal experience.

It really feels like you’re sitting in a glass of champagne!

The most remote traffic lights- NT

Last but not least to our listicle, we bring you the nations most remote traffic lights.

In the town of Daly Waters, population 23, there is a set of traffic lights that are the most pointless in the world.

The next set of lights isn’t for another 500km!

For more whacky inspiration check out our site here.

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3 Responses to “Weirdest attractions around the nation”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another weird attraction is Australia rock in Narooma NSW, it’s a hole worn out in the shape or Australia, easy access too

  2. Ross Brackenbury says:

    Squeaky beach.? We have a house at Valla Beach,on the NSW mid north coast, and the sand there is squeaky as well. It just clean sand, nothing weird about it.

  3. Bob Breedon says:

    Where are the Champagne Pools in Qld located. I hope you are not referring to the so-called Champaigne Pools on Fraser Island because they are not a volcanic phenomenon, just waves crashing over the rocks into the pools.

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