Top tips for saving your cash amid record-high fuel price boom

Category: News, Date: 8 March 2022

The fuel light turns on and you hear the ding- cue sigh, it’s time to fuel up. We all know the gut feeling when it’s time to re-fuel. Prices are at an all time high- with the Australian Institute of Petroleum releasing a report showing the average fuel price is at a staggering 183.9 as of March 3, 2022. Keep reading to view our top tips for saving your cash and where to find the cheapest fuel locations.

Will this fuel boom affect your travel plans?

Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

We decided in an effort to combat this fuel boom, we’d compile a list of our top tips on how to make the most bang for your buck when fuelling up and where to find the cheapest fuel stops in your city.

Read through them here:

1. Keeping your grocery dockets

A simple strategy to saving up on your fuel is keeping those pesky dockets handy at the end of your grocery shop. Whilst it may appear they only exist to clog up your glove box, they feature handy deals right on the bottom of your receipt that could help you save on your next visit.

2. Singing up for an RACQ Membership

The upfront fee may appear daunting, but you’ll end up getting more for your buck with an RACQ membership when shopping at select servos. With Puma, you can even save 4 cents off!

3. Fuel Apps

The app store is now booming with services to help ease the stress of locating cheap fuel. South East Queenslanders can use the RACQ Fair Fuel app, NSW residents can use Fuel Check and for all other cities, Petrol Spy online has got your back or can use the 7-Eleven app or the Ambol app.

4. Price locking

Once you’ve installed your 7-Eleven app, a handy feature is the Fuel Lock option. This feature allows you to hold your selected fuel price for up to 7 days, giving you a bit of extra well-needed time to fuel up.

Cheapest fuel locations

We searched high and low to find the cheapest fuel in your city.

Here’s what we found:

(Note- prices were accurate at time of publication 8/03/2022)

Brisbane: Bizzells Garage Paddington

Diesel 178.8

Unleaded 91 185.9

Sydney: Metro Wakely

Diesel 176.9

E10: 169.9

Melbourne: Metro Collingwood

Diesel: 174.9

E10 172.9

Perth: Coles Express Osborne Park

Diesel: 180.9

United 91: 177.9

Adelaide: Liberty Nailsworth

Diesel: 185.5

E10 168.5

Darwin: FuelXpress Winnellie

United 91: 185.5

Diesel: 185.5

Canberra: Costco Majura Park

United 91: 179.4

Diesel: 176.7

Hobart: Ampol Moonah

Diesel 193.9

United 91 199.9

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5 Responses to “Top tips for saving your cash amid record-high fuel price boom”

  1. Russ says:

    Why are the subberbs n country roads so dear $2.20 inCoffs Harbour etc and 20cent variations

  2. peter says:

    l think you are a big behind with your fuel priceing deisel is nearly $ 2.30 a ltr up in emerald qld as of yesterday

  3. Greg Edwards says:

    Government are trying to promote tourism, now with fuel prices going through the roof who can afford to travel.
    Time for state and federal governments to cut fuel tax.
    Why do we have tax on a tax.?

  4. Douglas Oldham says:

    I live in Lennox Head & get fuel in Ballina NSW. I have recently driven to Melbourne thru Sydney all the way on Freeways. I returned through the Central West of NSW. Because of flooded roads I had to detour all the way up to Warwick in QLD on the New England H’way, then across the Boonah & Beaudesert to Nerang on the gold Coast then down the freeway to Byron Bay to get home, a detour of an extra 400 kms. NO WHERE DID WE FIND DIESEL PRICES ANY WHERE NEAR AS EXPENSIVE AS IN BALLINA NSW. MORAL: DON’T BUY FUEL IN BALLINA EVER.

  5. Chris says:

    Yep good advice but accelerating slowly will save heaps of fuel
    That is ease off the mark and keep rev’s at max 2000 as you go up the gears and on the reverse allow yourself plenty of room and ease up gently when you have to stop and you find there will need to be limited braking therefore less wear on brakes 😊😊

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