Sunrise Weather to ‘Lap the Map’ with a Track Trailer in Tow

Category: News, Date: 6 February 2015

Sunrise’s energetic Weather Woman Edwina Bartholomew is hitting the road on the great Australian adventure, a Lap of the Map in a 4WD with a Track Trailer in tow.

Beginning in Tasmania, the trip will continue to Victoria before setting out clockwise around Australia to Western Australia, the great Gibb River Road, the Top End and back through Queensland to the Southern States.

Eddy will be travelling in comfort and style, bringing the authentic Aussie idea of a caravanning road trip to a national audience every weekday morning. Expect to see the weather broadcast live from all of Australia’s iconic destinations and in the best caravan holiday parks along the way.

“We have met so many people who have packed up the car and trailer and set out on the great Aussie road trip. Now it’s our turn to see the country in the best way possible, just us and the open road”, says Eddy.

The Sunrise Weather Team has already completed a number of hugely successful trips with the help of Caravan and Camping Association members. They have visited Tassie, the Margaret River region of WA and covered four states in five days during an epic school holiday caravan park adventure.

“We have met the most wonderful families and staff in the holiday parks we have visited so far. We can’t wait to chew the fat around a camp fire and get the tires of our Track Trailer dirty”, says Eddy.

The trip begins today and will take until at least June to be completed. “It’s a big chunk of time, but we’ll be breaking it up into manageable trips that anyone can tackle”, promises Eddy. “That’s the beauty of a road trip like this. You can go wherever you want to and stay for as long as you choose”.

Let’s Go Caravan & Camping will be documenting Eddy’s journey over the coming weeks with a free app documenting her experiences across the country.

Make sure to tune in to Sunrise weekdays from 6am-9am to catch up on Eddy’s adventure.

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