Sunrise Team in a Caravan Park

Category: News, Date: 2 August 2015

Sunrise hosts Kochie, Sam, Beretts and Nat landed in Brisbane Wednesday 24th June to collect their Kratzmann Franklin caravans after completing a towing course in Sydney under the instruction and supervision of Tow-Ed. The hosts arrived at Kratzmann Caravans north of Brisbane with the cash cow in tow and were excited to inspect their caravans and homes for the night. Gary Kratzmann was on hand to do the official handover and highlight the features and comforts they would enjoy.

The hosts soon hit the road as they would broadcast live from the Gold Coast Holiday Park the following morning and would need to tow their caravans down the M1 and set up on their powered sites for the night.

Arriving at the park a few hours later the hosts reversed into their powered sites and set up their caravan spot for the evening! It may have taken a little longer than the experienced caravanners to set up but there was plenty of laughs and good entertainment for onlookers!

Starting early on the Thursday our happy campers were live to air broadcasting for the next 3 or more hours, throughout the morning they highlighted and discussed the joy, the challenges and benefits of their experience and how they learnt more about each other! Kochies campfire singing and Marks BBQ-ing were topical.

Click here to see some of the fun the Sunrise team enjoyed.

Also on the same day,  Eddy who is currently on her Lets Go Caravanning & Camping ‘Lap of the Map’ promotion towing a Tvan broadcasted the weather live from Adventure Whitsundays. Throughout the weather segments Edwina and the hosts shared their camping experiences, and Eddy offered some friendly advice and welcomed them to the joys of hitting the road like she has done for the past 5 months.

Did you catch the antics of Sam, Kochie, Nat and Beretts last month as they took Sunrise on the road, spending the night in caravans and broadcasting live from the Gold Coast Tourist Park? Tune in next week for another live Sunrise from a caravan park – this time they’ll be staying in tents – any good advice for them?

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