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Regional Shows Per State

Category: News, Date: 30 May 2023

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Australia, a land of vast landscapes and diverse cultures, is renowned for its unique traditions and celebrations.

Among these cherished events are the regional shows, bringing aspects of the regional lifestyle all around the country.

Each state showcases its distinctive heritage, agricultural prowess, and local pride through these annual exhibitions.

Join us on a captivating journey across Australia as we explore the Ekka in each state, unveiling the essence of these beloved regional shows.

New South Wales

The Royal Easter Show, held in Sydney, New South Wales, is one of Australia’s largest and most iconic regional shows.

Rooted in agricultural heritage, it combines thrilling rides, livestock displays, arts, crafts, and delectable culinary experiences.

Showcasing the state’s rich farming traditions, visitors can witness prized animals, taste award-winning produce, and enjoy spectacular entertainment, including fireworks and live performances.


The Royal Melbourne Show, held annually at the Melbourne Showgrounds, is an extravaganza that captivates locals and tourists alike.

This iconic event brings together city and country, blending agricultural exhibits with thrilling rides, showbags, and entertainment.

The show features an impressive display of livestock, award-winning farm produce, fine art, craft exhibitions, and a range of engaging activities for all ages.


The Ekka, held in Brisbane, Queensland, is one of Australia’s most celebrated and longest-running regional shows.

This ten-day event attracts millions of visitors who come to experience the diverse agricultural showcases, carnival rides, strawberry ice-creams, showbags, live music, fireworks, and delicious food stalls.

From cattle judging and wood chopping competitions to local handicrafts and fashion shows, the Ekka truly embodies the spirit of Queensland.

Western Australia

The Perth Royal Show, held at the Claremont Showgrounds, is Western Australia’s premier regional show.

With a history spanning over a century, this event offers a kaleidoscope of agricultural exhibits, interactive displays, equestrian shows, arts and crafts, and thrilling rides.

The show’s nightly spectacular fireworks display is a highlight for attendees of all ages.

South Australia

The Royal Adelaide Show, hosted at the Adelaide Showgrounds, is a cherished event that attracts visitors from across South Australia.

Showcasing the region’s finest livestock, farm produce, and local talents, the event offers a captivating blend of entertainment, showbags, carnival rides, live music, and art displays.

The Grand Parade, featuring champion animals and vintage vehicles, is a must-see spectacle.


The Royal Hobart Show, held in Glenorchy, Tasmania, captures the essence of the island’s agricultural heritage and community spirit.

Visitors can experience traditional show activities, including animal judging, wood chopping, sheepdog trials, and an array of local produce displays.

The show also showcases Tasmanian arts, crafts, and live entertainment, creating a vibrant celebration of the state’s unique character.

Australian Capital Territory

The Royal Canberra Show, held at the Exhibition Park in Canberra, is the Australian Capital Territory’s annual extravaganza.

This event brings together rural and urban communities, offering a diverse range of activities such as agricultural exhibitions, equestrian shows, live music, art displays, and carnival rides.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich heritage of the region while enjoying thrilling experiences.

Northern Territory

The Royal Darwin Show, held at the Darwin Showgrounds, showcases the vibrant culture and unique traditions of the Northern Territory.

Featuring rodeo competitions, livestock displays, indigenous arts, and culinary delights, the show offers an immersive experience into the Territory’s diverse heritage.

Spectacular fireworks, sideshow alley, and live performances add to the festive atmosphere.

Find your local show today!

Australia’s regional shows exemplify the country’s rich agricultural heritage, cultural diversity, and community spirit.

From the Royal Easter Show in New South Wales to the Royal Darwin Show in the Northern Territory, each state’s unique regional show encapsulates the essence of its local traditions and celebrations.

These events serve as a platform for showcasing agricultural excellence, fostering community connections, and providing entertainment for people of all ages.

Attending any of these regional shows promises an unforgettable experience that brings Australia’s rich tapestry to life.


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