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How to keep pre-occupied while camping in bad weather

Category: News, Date: 16 February 2023

How do you keep busy when it rains while camping? Tell us in the comments.

Camping in the rain can appear challenging, but it truly doesn’t have to be!

With a little bit of creativity and a few pals, you can make the time fly right on by.

See how you can keep pre-occupied while camping in bad weather here:

Read a book

Reading is a great way to pass the time.

Ensure you pack your favourite books to read before you head off on your trip.

Not only will you be reducing your screentime and connecting with nature better- but you’ll be passing the time while it rains and pours outside.

Play a board game

Get the whole gang around and whip out the classic wet-weather board game.

This will not only keep everyone occupied for hours with the wet weather, but a fun activity to do while camping point blank.

Board games are simply a crowd favourite- so what better time to play than when it rains?

Build a fort

Building a fort is fun for all involved!

If you’re camping with kids, building a fort with blankets and pillows can be a super fun way to pass the time.

Grab some of your favourite snacks and some blankets and get cozy!

Watch a movie

If you’ve got access to a laptop, a TV, a phone and some wifi- you can always take a chill day and watch a movie.

Even better if you pre-downloaded your chosen movies beforehand on your selected streaming service- so you can enjoy your movie anytime, anyplace.


Head to your nearest supermarket and pick up some ingredients for baking some wet-weather sweet treats!

It doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you pack some baking utensils beforehand- it’ll end up being as cheap as chips.

This is an excellent activity if you’re camping with older children, and with the right amount of supervision- the little ones can have fun too,

If travelling in an RV- you can do this in your kitchenette, otherwise mosey on over to your camping site’s camp kitchen.

Check out some awesome campfire cooking essentials here.

Find a local cafe

If you can’t stand the thought of staying in the campsite all day while it rains- don’t!

Head out to the local town and hang out at one of the local cafes while you ride out the storm.

Not only will you be boosting your location’s local economy- but you’ll get to enjoy a sweet cuppa, too.

Try out Yoga

Take this opportunity to connect with your body and mind by practising yoga or meditation.

If you’re extra brave- give it a go outside in the rain!

Clean up & Organise

This might not sound very fun, but rain is the perfect excuse to reorganise the van and tidy up your camping gear.

You can get started on meal prep for the week, or simply just pack up some swag for your next destination.

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