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Are you looking to expand your campfire cooking status?

Whether your a beginner or a pro-camper, some advice and product recommendations will never go astray.

Check out some of our top picks for campfire cooking essentials from DOMETIC for your next camping trip!

Portable gas stove with grill

Ensure a reliable meal no matter where you’re staying with the DOMETIC portable gas stove with grill!

The stove comes ready for use with 3/8” BSP LPG suitable hose and regulator, so all the hassle has been sorted for you!

Removable handle and grill tray included, and it folds into a handy portable compact size!

To see more, check out their website here.

Dometic GO Hydration Water Jug 11L

You truly don’t realise how much water one consumes in a day, that’s why having a huge portable water jug is the perfect campfire essential!

Whether you use it for drinking, as cooking supplies or for something else- it’s definitely worth having around.

Plus, it’s constructed from BPA-free, food grade LDPE!

To see more, head to their website here.

Insulated ice box

Perfect for keeping the beers cool or simply for keeping some ice steady on hand.

With a deep freeze lid seal that ensures no gaps for air to enter or escape, you’ll have ice for days on end.

With endless colour options- this is the perfect campfire essential for your next trip.

To see more, head to their site here.

Portable Gas BBQ

Impress everyone at the campsite with this stellar Portable Gas BBQ from Dometic.

This incredibly lightweight BBQ boasts a high heat output of 11.5 MJ/h, powerful enough for all your cooking needs!

Featuring a cast iron cooking plate, you’ll be sought after by all!

To see more, head to their site here.

For more camping and caravanning news- see our site here.


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