Family friendly experiences near Sydney these upcoming school holidays

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 14 June 2022

With the school holidays coming up, it’s a great time to start planning how to keep the kids preoccupied.

There are so many alternatives and cost effective ways to holiday away from home, so we listed our favourite spots near Sydney to keep you busy these holidays.

When do school holidays start in New South Wales?

School holidays vary from state to state.

In NSW, the winter school holidays begin on the 18th of July and end on September 23rd.

Thunder Thrill Ride

If your kids love going to theme parks and love an adrenaline rush, than this is the activity for them.

Check out the Thunder Thrill Ride, a jetboat ride through the Sydney Harbour.

Not only do you get a thrill-seeking joy-ride, but you get to see all the exciting Sydney sights too.

For more, check them out here.

Trail Horse Ride

There’s truly nothing like getting back to nature, so why not get the kids involved these school holidays?

Head to the Hunter Valley Bushlands for an exciting day out and trot along the stunning ridges on horseback.

It won’t be too stressful as a parent, and not too boring as a kid. Win-win!

For more, check them out here.

Sydney and The Rocks Historical Walking Tour

Get back to your roots and delve into Sydney’s historical background with a fun guided walking tour.

Learn about the rich heritage of the city and find out the exciting details of Sydney’s past.

For more, see here.

For more camping and caravanning inspiration, head to our site here.

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