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Camping Fitness: Staying Active and Healthy on the Road  

Category: Inspiration, News, Safety, Date: 26 June 2024

Everyone loves a caravan or camping holiday, but for extended trips or even full-time travelling it can be hard to maintain a regular fitness routine and stay healthy amid long drives and living in such confined spaces.  To help you stay fit and active during you caravan and camping adventures, we’ve compiled a list of the top ways to prioritise your health on the road. Check it out! 

1. Use the great outdoors to your advantage 

It might seem a bit obvious for a caravan or camping trip but the ‘great outdoors’ is your best friend for staying active on the road. It presents a great opportunity to get outside and moving in the fresh air with fun activities like hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking etc, that often don’t even feel like exercise! Exercising outdoors carries additional benefits for your mood, stress levels and getting that important vitamin D, so it really is a win-win. 

2. Focus on workouts that require minimal or no equipment! 

A great way to stay active on a caravan or camping holiday is to do exercises such as pilates, yoga or bodyweight workouts that don’t require any equipment. Portable and versatile equipment such as a yoga mat, resistance band or jump rope can elevate these workouts to feel just like home! 

3. Eat healthy, nutritious meals 

The caravan and camping lifestyle isn’t all about BBQs, burgers, sausages and campfire desserts. You can still cook healthy meals on the road, filled with veggies, lean protein and whole-grains that will keep you looking a feeling great. Try recipes for burrito bowls, salad wraps, pasta dishes, or stir fry’s and curry’s to keep your diet on-track while travelling. In fact, we recently asked the Let’s Go community what their favourite camp meals were, check them out! 

4. Consider a national gym membership 

If you travel often or are full-time on the road, joining a chain gym like Snap Fitness or Goodlife is a great way to stay fit. These chain gyms have branches all over the country and you can use your membership to access any branch. 

5. Don’t knock some campground cardio! 

Simple cardio workouts around the caravan park are a great way to stay active and fit. Going for a run or taking regular walks around the grounds will have you feeling happy & healthy. 

6. Check out the local Parkrun 

Parkrun is a popular, free community 5km event that takes place all around Australia, every Saturday. This great community event is open to all ages and fitness levels and once you’re registered, you can attend any run you want! 

7. Look for outdoor gyms and free recreational facilities 

A great initiative in most communities these days are the free, outdoor gym equipment you can find in playgrounds, public parks and caravan parks. This equipment will be similar to the equipment you can find in most gyms and uses your own bodyweight to make it a resistance workout.  

8. Be flexible and be creative! 

Don’t think that every workout has to take an hour. If you only have 10 minutes free, do a 10-minute workout! Make use of the time and resources you have available and simply enjoy being active. Why not try these exercises on your next trip?  

The Van Sit: With your back against your van, slide down until your knees are at a 90 degree angle and hold. 

The Caravan Step Up: Placing one of your feet on your caravan step, put your weight on this foot push up, keeping your opposite foot off the ground. Repeat 10 times and change legs. 

9. Stay Hydrated, Sun Safe and Well-Rested 

While exercising and travelling, especially if you are outdoors, it’s important to hydrate often, wear sunscreen & sun protection and get a good night’s sleep to help your body recover. 

If you’re worried about staying fit and active while on a caravan and camping trip, following these tips can keep you happy, healthy and feeling good!  

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