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The Best Camping Meals: Community Favourites!

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 25 June 2024

We recently asked our Let’s Go Caravan and Camping community on Facebook to share their favourite camping meals, and we received a wonderful array of delicious ideas! Here are some of the top favourites and interesting meals that you should try on your next camping trip. 

Pasta Dishes 

Our community loves pasta dishes for camping trips. Alex M and Webster K both enjoy a classic Spaghetti Bolognese, while Donna suggested a delicious pasta bake. 

Roast Lamb 

Roast lamb is a camping favourite among our members. Bec M, Jeff M, Nerida K and Rosemary J all recommend cooking a leg of lamb in the camp oven with all the trimmings. Carolyn B, and Darryl J enjoy roast lamb and veggies cooked over the campfire. Jodine L prefers slow-cooked roast lamb on a charcoal Weber. Jane S-L likes roast lamb in a wrap and then served the next day on a platter with savoy crackers. 

Chicken Dishes 

“Apricot Chicken: Cut 1 onion, cube chicken, fry, add French onion soup mix, tin apricots, cracked pepper [and] maybe add a tsp mustard, precooked rice packet. Butta boom butta bing!” Sonia R

Our camper love a chicken dish as well, it seems! Denise S enjoys curried chicken and rice with diced veggies. Donna M recommends chicken wrapped in cabbage leaves and cooked in hot coals. Karen W and Kevin R both love butter chicken, with Karen serving it with rice and Kevin adding roti. Michael C‘s go-to is Pad Thai chicken from a packet mix, while Sonia R suggests apricot chicken with a mix of French onion soup, apricots, and spices. Finally, Tracy H prefers a classic chicken parmi from the closest pub! 


Stews are a hit for camping, providing warmth and comfort. Barry W enjoys rabbit stew, while Amanda O prefers a beef curry. Darren McC and Michelle A shared their love for camp oven stews that cook all day, and Mario B vouched for the convenience of Pipers Irish Stew. Raymond J suggested a unique wild pig with stewed plum and apple. Delicious! Trish B loves a cowboy stew on the campfire and Jeannette McC praised her husband’s fantastic stews and roasts. 


“Toasties…we keep it simple!” Allie P

Toasties are simple yet satisfying camping meals. Allie P and Veronica L keep it classic with ham and cheese toasties on the BBQ. Faye D and Taya M both enjoy making jaffles, with Mark J specifically mentioning baked bean jaffles as his go-to option. 


Burgers are another camping staple! Helen B, Natalie M, Rebecca B and Henry P all enjoy traditional hamburgers cooked over the fire. Rebecca P adds a twist with pulled pork burgers and apple coleslaw, while Matthew M keeps it simple yet effective with sausage sandwiches. 


BBQ meals are always a crowd-pleaser. Deirdre B loves BBQ pork chops and corn, while Helen W and Tania ‘H’ J enjoy a BBQ over the fire. Jake K adds a unique touch with dim sims halved on the BBQ. 

Baked Potatoes 

Baked potatoes are a versatile and popular choice. Charley S, Robyn P, Michelle K and Kim R love foil potatoes smothered in butter, as do Kim G and Tania F who prefer spuds cooked directly in the fire and hot coals. Tracey C likes them with coleslaw, bacon, onion, and sour cream. Yum! 


Freshly cooked fish is a favourite for many campers. Ivan C enjoys salt and pepper squid, while Lorraine P and Will R love all freshly cooked fish (especially yabbies!). Jo C’s go-to dish is rainbow trout pan-fried in butter. For Tim W it is Lobster mornay, for Melissa C it is Mud Crab! Renee J I mixes it up with some tuna & spinach, udon noodles and seeds whereas Julie C praised Karen H’s seafood paella over the fire as a true camping delicacy. 

Breakfast Foods 

“Full English brekkie cooked over the fire on Sunday morning” Jeanette L

Breakfast is an important meal while camping, and our community has some great suggestions. Mal G enjoys a humble bacon and beer, while Loz S and Christie C love the classic bacon & eggs. Bec F prepares breakfast burritos ahead of time for an easy and delicious start to the day. Jeanette L and Linda H enjoy a full English breakfast cooked over the fire, while John S and Kim MM-H prefer more simple options of beans on bread and scrambled eggs on toast. 


“Cheese and bacon damper in the camp oven” Shane P

Damper is a traditional camping bread that’s well-loved by our members. Fiona W, Michael G, Vivien K and Stewart L enjoy making damper over the campfire, a perfect accompaniment to many camping meals. Kim R loves hers with butter and golden syrup and Shane P enjoys a cheese & bacon damper! 

These categories highlight the diverse and delicious options our community enjoys while camping. From hearty stews to simple toasties, there’s something for everyone to try on their next outdoor adventure. Happy camping and happy eating! 

Loving our community favourites? Check out our page for more great recommendations!

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