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Best hiking spots around the nation

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 28 April 2022

Hiking is a cost effective and social activity. To celebrate here are the best hiking spots all around the nation.

QLD – Lamington National Park

Step back in time into the Lamington National Park, often remembered for its section of the ancient Gondwana Rainforests.

It’s natural shrub greenery and lush forests brings a fresh take to South-East Queensland.

With every step there’s a new waterfall to look at or maybe you’ll sight one of the rare lyrebirds that are found within the forest.

It has truly earnt it’s spot on the best hiking trails list.

SA- Mount Woodroffe (Ngarutjaranya)

You’ll have to be dedicated to make it to this one, but it is absolutely worth the trip to get here.

Bordering along the Northern Territory lies the Mount Woodroffe (Ngarutjaranya) hiking trail.

It’s only run once a year, and you have to go through a tour guide which seeks permission from the traditional owners of the year- but the experience is completely unique.

You can meet the traditional elders of the land who speak on the the lifestyle and traditions of the regions all while trekking through some of the most distinctive bushlands in the country.

Read more about it here.

NSW- Mount Kosciuszko Summit Walk

This one can get a bit chilly in winter and often get’s snowbound, but this walk in the summertime is unbeatable.

Found along the Victorian border, this mountainous terrain is a great switch from the coastline. Cross snowy rivers and trek past abandoned lodges for a fun day out.

VIC- Halls Gap to The Pinnacle Loop

Hate sticking to a routine? No stress, Halls Gap to The Pinnacle Loop has 157 different trails.

Hiking, bike trails, running trails- there’s something for everybody here.

The astonishing cliff faces leave nothing to be desired with some of the worlds best panoramic views.

TAS- Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain in itself is a breathtaking experience.

It can be a steep climb at points, but the scenery around you is entirely worth it.

You’ll see lakes that reflect rainbows, mossy trails and dense forest with trickling waterfalls at every turn.

We recommend going in off peak, sometimes it’s almost like walking through the snowy forest in Narnia.

WA- Bigurda Trail, Kalbarri National Park

Another coastal recommendation, but that’s where the similarities end.

Walk along and see the eroded sandstone cliffs and watch the deep blue sea crash against them.

Peep into a different world through rock pools and feel the sand between your toes.

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