8 Activities To Undertake This Summer!

Category: Inspiration, Date: 8 January 2023

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With only 1.5 months left of summer- the autumn months and cooler weather are looming alarmingly closer.

For our summer lovers, we’ve listed 8 fun, bucket list activities you NEED to undertake before the warmer months are over.

Check out our list here:

Go Snorkeling

A fun, cheap way to explore Australia’s phenomenal ocean marine life is to snorkel!

You can often find a cheap snorkel at your local camping kiosk or nearby beachfront stores, or if you’ve got some great stamina- buy yourself a pair of goggles and get your lungs kicking!

A quick reminder- when heading into our oceans, ensure you wear reef-safe sunscreen to protect our coral and other marine life.

Visit a National Park

Australia has been blessed with such a diverse ecosystem.

Rainforests, bushland, mountainous terrain, desert and coast- there’s no shortage of choice in this great nation!

Find the local national park closest to where you are staying and plan a fun day hike with your travelling companions for a great day out.

Find a national park near you here.

Go Glamping

Take on the wilderness with a bit of luxury and give glamping a go!

If you’re not yet sure what glamping is- glamping is a fun new take on traditional camping.

Think of it this way- it’s just camping mixed with a bit of glamour.

Imagine luxury tents in your choice of location- you can spend the day in the great outdoors and return to a comfy king-sized bed and all the comforts you’d have at home.

Ensure you check out the glamping options in your chosen park when planning your next trip!

Grab some glamping inspo here.

Visit a Theme Park

Australia has been blessed with an abundance of theme parks all around the nation.

Whether you’re visiting one of the big 4 on the Gold Coast or one of the world-famous Luna Parks, there’s truly something for everybody.

Go Hiking

We in Australia are blessed for choice when it comes to scenery.

Simply hop onto google, pick out a hiking track that suits your fancy and get going!

If you’re heading for a longer trek, bring some snacks and a friend to make a day of it.

Go Berry Picking

Berry picking is a fun family-friendly activity you definitely need to undertake this summer.

Not only is it family-friendly- but it could be a romantic day out with a partner, too.

Support your local farmers and check out some nearby berry farms near you today!

Enjoy a Picnic

Pick out a nice spot and spend a few hours in the outdoors with some delicious, repacked food.

Picnics are a great way to enjoy food with friends without splashing all that extra cash.

You can even pick up some light finger food from the local grocery store and simply enjoy!

Head For a Surf

Australia is well-known for it’s excellent surf- so get out there and give it a go!

If you don’t have the right equipment, head to a local kiosk and grab a rental board and other gear to get you started.

If surfing seems a little daunting- body boarding is a fun alternative to introduce you to the wave-riding game.

Learn more about catching a wave here!


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