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Types of Glamping Getaways

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 17 January 2023

Glamping, short for glamorous camping, offers a unique and enchanting experience that sets the stage for a truly romantic getaway.

Unlike traditional camping, glamping provides all the comforts and luxuries of a hotel while still allowing couples to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Picture cozy, stylishly decorated tents nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, adorned with soft, ambient lighting and plush furnishings.

The allure of glamping lies in its ability to create an intimate and secluded atmosphere, perfect for couples to reconnect and deepen their bond.

Sharing a candlelit dinner under the stars, cuddling up by a crackling fire, and waking up to the tranquil sounds of nature all contribute to the romantic allure of glamping.

It offers a harmonious blend of adventure and relaxation, allowing couples to create lasting memories together in a setting that exudes both romance and serenity.

Check out all the different types of glamping styles here!

Glamping Tents

Deluxe Safari Tent Discovery Parks Barossa Valley, SA

While the most popular glamping option, it’s certainly not the least.

Spend the night in a spacious safari tent or camp out in an embellished yurt for a romantic evening in the wilderness.

Check out this Deluxe Safari Tent at Discovery Parks Barossa Valley here.

Glamping Pods

G'day Parks Glamping Pod
G’day Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park

Glamping Pods are relatively new to the scene, but they’re an excellent romantic getaway option.

Small and compact, but with alllll of the comforts (and more!).

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Check out this option from G’Day Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park

Domes/ Bubble Domes

Domes are a popular option for those looking to camp under the stars without losing the luxuries of a cabin stay.

You’ll experience completely uninterrupted views and be fully immersed in your surroundings.

Watch as the local wildlife passes by or enjoy the quiet of the landscape around you while you stargaze this Valentine’s Day.

Check out this option at Mile End Glamping.


Glamping cabin rottnest island
Discovery Parks Rottnest Island Glamping Cabin

For those looking to camp in a home away from home, opting to stay in a cabin is a great choice.

Glamping Cabins are a great way to experience the outdoors to the fullest while being able to reset once done for the day.

Whether it be the ability to prepare your own meals or take a long hot shower- cabins are a no-brainer when glamping.

Check out this option from Discovery Parks Rottnest Island here.


Arguably the most glamorous of the options is treehouse glamping.

This is the perfect spot for those who love scenic views, rustic tubs and sitting by a fireplace.

Check out this option from Tiona Holiday Park here.


Another extremely popular glamping option is a Tipi tent, and for good reason!

Slightly smaller than a regular glamping tent and designed to make the least impact in the wilderness- this is a great option if you want to step up from regular camping.

Tipis are often an eco-friendly option if sustainable camping is on your agenda.

Check out this option from BIG4 Yarra Valley here.


Eco-pods come in all different shapes and sizes- but they all have one thing in common: a low impact on the environment and the surrounding wilderness.

This is a great option for those who are passionate about low-impact camping.

It’s also a great way to introduce newbies to camping!

Check out this option from BIG4 Yarra Valley here.


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