10’000 travel vouchers announced

Category: News, Date: 20 April 2022

What is it?

The Victorian State Government has announced an extra 10’000 vouchers to the Seniors Travel Voucher scheme.

From Friday April 8 to Friday May 27, seniors will be able to apply and use their vouchers all throughout Victoria.

What are they for?

The vouchers can be used for accommodation, tours and experiences.

The government hopes to get people travelling all over the state.

How have the travel vouchers benefitted the state?

Since the campaigns launch, 83’000 successful claims for dining and 47’000 claims for entertainment have been processed.

More than $159 million has been spent on activities and travel in Victoria.

Tell us in the comments, will you use these vouchers to travel?

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For more info on the vouchers, see here.

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