Why you should take a last minute winter camping holiday!

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 4 August 2022

When we think of a holiday- we think of downtime with the family and relaxing.

That’s why you need to reconsider taking a last minute winter camping holiday before the season is done!

Camping is a great way to get back to the things that are important. Think of family time, getting back to nature and unwinding.

The comparison is stark for campers and non-campers, as we see drastic improvements in campers health and wellbeing.

Camping is great for helping the kids unwind too, and forces them to interact with nature and their surroundings.

Not only that, but camping brings a great feeling of satisfaction and optimism. This is essential for an unwinding holiday!

After a camping trip, campers said they felt more energized and weren’t as stressed.

So take a chance, and take a camping trip before the winter months end.

Recharge your batteries, create happy memories and truly appreciate nature at it’s finest.

Reconnect with family and shrug off the frustrations of working life.

If all that doesn’t convince you- camping during the winter months might just score you the chance to win a million dollars!

If you book a stay between June 1st and October 31st, you’ll be put in the draw for a chance to win $1M!!

For more information on the Road to a Million competition, click here.

For more camping and caravan inspiration, safety tips & news, head to our site here.

To see the Real Richness Health and Wellness report, click here.


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One Response to “Why you should take a last minute winter camping holiday!”

  1. Neville Gilbert says:

    Loved the photo of the logs with the ‘Happy Camper mug’
    Very interested in purchasing a few of those mugs.

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