Why Autumn Camping Is The Best

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 16 February 2023

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Camping is fun all year ’round, but there’s something extra special about camping in the autumn months.

Camping during autumn can be an excellent experience for multiple reasons!

See them here:

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

As the temperature starts to cool down in the Autumn months, it’s much more bearable being in the outdoors during the day.

A lack of heat and humidity makes it the perfect temperature for the kiddos to play outside, or go on that hike you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s the perfect campfire season, so bring along your family or a group of friends and get into the Autumn spirit.

Just remember to pack an extra jumper and a few additional blankets to keep on you for the evening!

Gorgeous Autumn Scenery

It’s not often we get to admire the beautiful autumn scenery out in the wild.

Gorgeous brown and amber leaves litter the floor, the trees start to go barren and you’re left with a distinct autumn landscape.

Why not:

Buy a scrapbook for the kids!

Grab a glue stick, and get your kids to collect a variety of leaves from around the campsite and get them to scrapbook.

It’s a fun activity that will keep them preoccupied for hours- and it’ll boost their fine motor skills.

Fewer Crowds

When travelling in off-peak, you get to travel with the joy of knowing there will be far less crowding.

This is especially true if travelling regionally.

You’ll find far fewer crowds while camping and you’ll be able to explore your travel destination under the guise of being a true local.

Seasonal Activities

During the autumn months, you might find yourself partaking in activities you wouldn’t normally do in the summer months.

Day hiking is far more pleasant without the dreadful summer heat- or you might find yourself opting for a land activity over a swimming activity.

There’s always plenty to do around a campsite in the autumn months.

Lower Prices

One of the downsides of camping in summer is that everybody else has got the same idea.

When booking accommodation in Autumn, you’re often rewarded with off-peak prices and exciting travel deals not offered in the warmer months.

A great way to source deals is through Travello, where you can book exciting experiences and activities all year round.

Make sure you check out your local area a good amount of time before you head off to ensure you’ve got the best deals possible.


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