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What to take on a glamping trip

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 1 July 2022

Glamping is a fun, exciting way to camp- but don’t get it mistaken, it’s not quite camping in a luxury hotel.

We listed all the essentials you’ll still need to bring while heading off on your next glamping trip.

Phone charger

An obvious choice- but for many campers who are used to switched off camping, it’s an easy item to forget.

If you’re keen on keeping off your phone during your trip, consider investing in a battery-powered portable charger which will limit your phone usage ability.

A book

Bringing along a book is great not only for staying switched off during your camping trip and utilizing the isolation, but great for passing time.

It keeps you offline and will certainly boost your relaxation vibes.

EXTRA blankets

Glamping might be more luxurious than regular camping- but that won’t stop the chill of the winter breeze seeping in during those cooler months.

Bring along some extra blankets for those just in case moments.


Whilst some glamping locations offer an ensuite situation, it’s still best to pack an emergency pack of thongs just in case there’s a shared bathroom scenario.

You can never be too sure with your hygiene and it’s best not to take any chances.

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