What to expect on your first camping trip.

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 19 July 2022

We’ve all gotta start somewhere right?

For first time campers, that phrase might sound a little daunting.

Our friend Andrew Hewitt, the General Manager at BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park and 2022 RVMAP People’s Choice Manufacturer of the Year, decided to help us out and give first time campers some pointers.

What’s something first time campers will end up loving about camping?

I think the atmosphere is something that takes people by surprise, there’s just something about sitting outside your van and waking up in the morning. There’s an atmosphere in caravan and holiday parks, a buzz- it’s second to none. Even when it’s quiet, there’s something about the quietness and fresh air,” said Mr Hewitt.

“It’s so inclusive too. The inclusiveness of the people around you, your family, your friends,” he said.

What are campers often shocked about?

“One thing people are always shocked of is probably the helpfulness of other people. Campers have a desire to help other campers. You can never stop learning, whether you’re an old or young camper,” he said.

Andrew also warns about going too hard too early on.

Don’t go buying too much flash gear right off the bat. Go have a walk around and see what other people are using, what sort of gear they’ve got, how they’ve set up their rigs. Everyone is willing to help and give advice,” he said.

Mr Hewitt also warns first time campers of unexpected wildlife encounters…

“Sometimes the birds like to come and join you for dinner, you are outdoors and you are in nature- they will come up to you if you leave food out,” he said.

It’s also important to remember to pack for any type of weather event.

“We live in a beautiful country with beautiful weather, especially here in Queensland, but I think sometimes people get a bit shocked. It does rain, definitely remember to check the weather and make sure to prepare,” he said.

But it’s important to not let the weather get the best of you.

“Don’t be put off by the weather, you can still have so much fun in the rain,” said Mr Hewitt.

What is the most beloved experience when people go camping?

“There’s so many things. There’s marshmallows and campfires, there’s meeting new people, there’s the excitement of exploring a new campground,” said Mr Hewitt.

With the variety of parks, there’s endless terrains to surround yourself with/.

There’s just a beautiful sense of grounding yourself and really getting back to nature,” he said.

What’s one thing campers tend to forget?

According to Mr Hewitt, and sometimes good advice can go in one ear and out the other.

“They forget to listen to the person trying to help them reverse into the campsite,” he said.

“They forget which hand is the left, which hand is the right, and which hand to put down to reverse!”

Mr Hewitt reminds campers to heed to advice of the person trying to help you reverse.

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