The Great Aussie Bucket List

Category: Inspiration, Date: 15 November 2022

Australia is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit and travel.

As such a huge country, we Aussie’s have been blessed with several diverse ecosystems all around the nation.

Rainforests, desert, tropical coasts, mountains and snow- there’s truly something for everybody here down under!

We decided to list all our favourite must-see destinations for those either looking to visit Australia or for those looking to further explore their home country.

Check out our top picks for our Great Aussie Bucketlist!


Credit: ABC

Uluru is an absolute no brainer when curating your Aussie bucket list.

Nicknamed the NT’s “Red Centre”, this sacred spot is an educational experience- but also exciting.

Go back tens and thousands of years and learn about the rich, history of Indigenous Aboriginal Australians with a stunning view unmatched anywhere in the world.

With the red, flat terrain surrounding you- you’ll witness the most breath-taking sunsets you will ever experience in your life.

Plus, if you’re spending a decent amount of time here- we recommend taking a trip to the Kata Tjuta National Park and exploring the Valley of the Winds!

The unique steep sandstone domes dot this rugged landscape with viewing platform sand perfect for hiking.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that during the summer months, hikers won’t be able to begin their hike after 9am due to heat restrictions.

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The Great Barrier Reef

Credit: ABC

Another spot you simply can’t miss is the iconic Great Barrier Reef!

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 2,300 kilometres over an area of approximately 344,400 square kilometres.

Take a day trip and explore the world renowned Fitzroy Island, an unspoilt tropical paradise of rainforest and beaches within the calm sheltered waters of the Great Barrier Reef. 

Or experience the reef first hand- take a boat out with a snorkel or scuba equipment and witness the underwater kingdom that is the Great Barrier Reef!

Take care to remember when getting in the water to wear reef-safe sunscreen and to be mindful of the delicacy of the reefs.

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Great Ocean Road

Credit: Great Ocean Road Parks & Authority

The Great Ocean Road is home to another collective of Australia’s most iconic sites.

The magical 12 Apostles Coast is nothing short of jaw-dropping and the stunning hinterland will completely immerse you in vacation mode.

You’ll pass by countless coastal towns and villages, perfect for some retail therapy or a bite to eat along the way!

Take a day and explore the wonderful Apollo Bay or absorb the gorgeous sites of Shipwreck Bay.

Head to Lorne, where the bush meets the beach and enjoy the sparkling waters of Loutit Bay and the rising majesty of the Otway National Park.

The Otways, an ancient rainforest teeming with exciting wildlife is a great spot to completely unplug from everyday life.

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Credit: ABC

The Whitsundays is a collection of 74 majestic islands off of Queensland’s eastern coastline.

The coasts are filled with large stretches of coral swarmed with extraordinary marine life and are unlike anywhere else in the world.

With most of the islands completely inhabited, watch the alien eco-systems thrive from an unseen perspective in one of the many dense rainforests.

Explore the town of Airlie Beach for your coastal retail fix or enjoy one of the many restaurants offering Australia’s finest.

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Credit: ABC

Broome, or commonly known as the gateway to the Kimberly, is a small coastal town in Western Australia’s north.

An ancient landscape, the Kimberly is completely enchanting.

Explore the the Bungle Bungles in the Purnululu National Park, an enchanting form of beehive-like rocks that formed over 350 million years ago!

Take a trip to the natural phenomenon that is the Horizontal Falls, where you can either cruise through the twin gaps and over the rapid-like water, or see it from above on a scenic flight. 

Take a tour and explore what truly put Broome on the map- it’s thriving pearl industry!

Not to mention, you may be able to see a fossil or two on an exciting dinosaur adventure!

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Byron Bay

Credit: ABC

Located on New South Wales northern coastline, Byron Bay is famous for it’s unique retail experience and relaxed beach vibes.

If you’re there at the right time, Byron Bay is a fabulous host to several enticing music festivals that bring in countless visitors each year.

The distinctive coastal infrastructure and design is alien to many but extremely beneficial when unwinding for holiday mode.

Take a walk along the headland and check out Byron Bay’s famous lighthouse and explore the exciting coastline.

You may even see a celebrity or two lurking around, as Byron Bay slowly becomes Australia’s own version of Hollywood!

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Cradle Mountain

Credit: Bureau of Meteorology

A switch up from Australia’s normal summery holiday location spot- Cradle Mountain is truly best seen in the winter months!

Cradle Mountain is synonymous with nature, wilderness and all things pristine- trek through the stunning highlands and take in all of the fresh Tasmanian air.

Explore the glacial-carved caves or hike through Lake St Clair National Park.

In the winter months- you’ll get to see frozen lakes and hike along snowy trains, you’ll truly feel like you’re in a winter wonderland!

The clear skies and lack of light pollution make for excellent stargazing, too.

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Ningaloo Reef

Credit: Hunter and Bligh

This world heritage listed bay is the perfect addition to your Aussie bucket list.

The largest fringing reef in Australia, it’s an absolute wonder to look at.

Red, scorching desert meets the stunning blue coastline- making for one of the most unique landscapes in the world.

Check out the thriving marine life along the bay or head inland for an exhilarating bush walk.

Some local town special mentions include Shark Bay and Exmouth, for those travelling along the western coast!

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Kangaroo Island

Credit: South Australia Tourism

Located just off the South Australian mainland, Kangaroo Island is a local favourite- and for good reason!

Home to countless sea lions, koalas and obviously the animal the island was named after (kangaroos!!!) and other distinctive native Aussie wildlife, this spot will truly get you back to nature.

The stunning coast is perfect all year ’round, and a great spot for trail walks and/or hiking.

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Lake Macdonnell

Credit: South Australia Tourism

A natural phenomenon and a striking tourist destination, Lake Macdonnell in the Eyre Peninsula is a breath taking place to visit.

Something so simple as a lake with a high concentration of salt has created one of Australia’s most beautiful attractions and a must add to your bucket list.

The contrast of pink water on one side and blue opposite is opportunity for the coolest Instagram pics ever.

This is one spot you simply can’t miss!

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Fraser Island

Credit: Tourism Australia

Boost your Aussie bucket list to the next level and add the world’s largest sand island- Fraser Island!

Swim in an essential-oil infused lake or hit the exciting 4WD tracks.

You can go on an exciting whale watching tour, hike the Fraser Island Great Walk and so much more~

Or alternatively, simply relax and unwind and enjoy the stunning coastal sites on offer.

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Kakadu National Park

Credit: Kakadu Tourism

A timeless location, escape the modern world and get back to your roots at the Kakadu National Park.

Encompassing wetlands meets sandstone escarpments, this unique location will completely wow you.

The stunningly natural architecture is unlike anything else around the world making for some extraordinary walking trails.

Explore the gorgeous waterfalls and ponds for a perfect unwinding vacation.

Rottnest Island

Credit: Rottnest Island Authority WA

Explore one of WA’s most exciting and renowned coasts, Rottnest Island.

Home to the Quokka, one of the western coasts most cherished animals, this island is one that can’t be missed.

Surfers, fishers and swimmers alike- all who visit fall in love with this unique coastline for life.

The white sandy coastline looks almost straight out of a movie.

Rottnest Island is a sure addition to the Great Aussie Bucket List.

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