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The Best Australian Road Trips To Take With Kids

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 16 June 2022

Australia is a beautifully diverse country, with an abundance of experiences on offer for the whole family. Whether you are looking to embrace the warm weather of Australia, discover top attractions or explore the diverse landscape of Australia, a family campervan holiday is something both you and the kids will remember forever.

Renting a campervan is one of the most affordable ways to travel Australia with children, and one of the most convenient. Travelling in a Britz campervan gives you access to all the modern conveniences, like an apartment-style kitchen, indoor shower, and a comfortable bed for nap time. A van is the ultimate road trip companion for families.

When it comes to planning a family motorhome trip with children, you may be wondering what part of Australia is best for families? What do you need for travelling with children? And most importantly, what is the best road trip for families?

Benefits of road trips with kids:

If you are considering a family road trip, there are a multitude of reasons to take your kids on a road trip adventure.


Finding affordable family-friendly accommodation can often be challenging. Each Britz campervan has an onboard kitchen, which allows you to cook your meals at home, cutting down the cost of eating meals out. To save even more money on your holiday, explore low-cost holiday parks and free camping spots. 

Britz also has a wide range of campervans to cater to families of different sizes and budgets. From our spacious 6-berth Frontier to our compact 2-berth Hi Tops, there is a perfect vehicle for every kind of family. 

Greater flexibility.

On a regular family road trip, you usually have to get your accommodation booked months in advance to make sure you don’t miss out. Campervans give you the ultimate freedom and flexibility to travel at your own pace and scout out accommodation options along the way.

Lots of quality time together.

Spending large parts of your day driving presents you with the perfect opportunity to play road trip games, experience new things that tickle your fancy along the way, and discover new destinations, whether it’s an iconic spot or a hidden gem. A family road trip is an epic opportunity to get that family quality time together. 

What to pack for a family road trip:

If you have made the decision to rent a campervan for a family holiday in Australia, the key thing to remember is the importance of planning. Planning is the best way to save both time and money. Planning things like packing lists, itineraries, and entertainment options will make sure that when it comes to getting on the open road, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. 

One of the best parts of campervan travel is that you essentially have your suitcase with you wherever you go. It’s important to bring a range of essentials to make sure you’re prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. Bear in mind that space may be limited depending on what size campervan you are travelling in. 

  • Entertainment for the family. A road trip in Australia is bound to include a few long days of driving as well as some quay time after a big day of exploring. Make sure you’re covered on the entertainment front by packing some options like books, tablets, headphones, board games, a pack of cards, or some colouring-in books.
  • Essential living items. When travelling, it’s important to bring a few regular items that you use at home to make the kids feel at home, making the transition in and out of travel as smooth as possible. Items that could make the kids feel at home include pram/pushchairs, car seats, noise machines, favourite toys, or blankets. 
  • Outdoor gear. It’s highly likely that during your road trip through Australia you are going to be doing a lot of outdoor exploring. Make sure you’ve got all the bases covered by packing practical gear like sturdy shoes, wet weather gear, swimming gear, beach towels, and sun protection options. 
  • Snacks. Packing snacks for the trip is an excellent way to stretch your travel budget a little further. Try packing individually packed snacks like muesli bars, dried fruit, and nuts. Make sure you stock up on these items before you go to avoid the ‘rural tax’ you might get hit with if you’re exploring the outback.
  • Health and safety items. When you’re travelling with kids, you never know when you may need a band-aid or hand sanitiser when out exploring/ Come prepared with the essentials to ensure you have them on hand if needed. We recommend things like hand sanitiser a first aid kit and wet wipes. 

Best Australian road trips to take with kids

Australia is a large country, which can be daunting to navigate especially when travelling with kids. To kick off your planning phase, keep reading for our guide on the best Australian road trips to take with kids.

Adelaide to Port Lincoln

South Australia is well known for its mild climate, picturesque beaches, and rugged outdoor adventures. South Australia’s capital Adelaide is nicknamed the 20-minute-city for its easy driving distances and abundance of attractions, making it the perfect city for families to visit. 

This short and sweet South Australian Road trip begins with picking your campervan rental up at Britz Adelaide. Spend some time in the city exploring all the fun things on offer, before continuing along the coastline to soak up the seaside paradise of the Eyre Peninsula and Port Lincoln. Be sure to add these must-see activities to your list to check off during your family holiday in South Australia. 

Darwin to Alice Springs

This is the quintessential Australian outback road trip. Traverse through incredible natural Australian attractions as you travel from Darwin to Alice Springs by campervan. Discover the ancient wild landscapes of Kakadu, larger-than-life crocodiles, and natural hot springs and connect with the strong influence of Aboriginal culture. The best time to visit the Northern Territory is between autumn and spring when the weather isn’t unbearably hot. 

 This road trip takes around 15 days and covers more than 3000km. After picking up your campervan at the Britz branch in Darwin or Alice Springs, check out the top attractions below.

 Top tip: This region is predominantly 4WD only, although you can still travel here in a camper. If you really want to get off the beaten track and explore further, hire a Britz 4WD camper!

Brisbane to Sunshine Coast

The Brisbane to Sunshine Coast road trip is a short but jam-packed adventure for exploring the Queensland coastline. This mini getaway only takes around 1.5 hours of driving, making it perfect for younger families looking for a weekend adventure. Collect your campervan at the Britz Brisbane branch and hit the road to explore the very best that the Queensland coast has on offer.  For a full list of things to do on a family road trip in Queensland, check out our Brisbane to Sunshine Coast itinerary.

Sydney to Melbourne

Sydney and Melbourne are two of the most iconic cities in Australia, this makes the road trip between the two one of the best things in Australia to experience the best of both worlds. After collecting your campervan rental at the Sydney or Melbourne Britz branch, hit the road and explore striking beaches, rolling hinterlands, and plenty of top attractions in between. Some of the best family-friendly things to do between Sydney and Melbourne include:

Ready to lock in that family campervan trip?

Get out there and start exploring with one of these child-friendly itineraries. Check out our latest deals and book your campervan today online or at one of our Australian Britz branches. 

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