Sustainable and Eco-friendly parks in WA

Category: News, Date: 14 December 2022

Eco-friendly choices and sustainability have become an essential part of our lives, and many of us want to incorporate that into our travel habits!

We decided to list all our favourite parks that really take sustainability to the next level.

If you’re looking to take an eco-friendly and sustainable camping trip, look no further.

Check out all the different environmentally friendly camping options for you to visit in Western Australia!

Goombaragin Eco Retreat

Choose from the exciting clifftop campsites or glamourous nature tents on raised decking, nestled amongst bushland to self-contained with your own en-suite eco tents or eco chalet positioned at the edge of clifftops, boasting gorgeous views of the sea and its stunning coastline.

With limited accommodation units all spaced well apart on a 10-hectare property, your time will be as quiet and as private as you desire.

This slice of heaven in the WA has supported eco-tourism since opening its doors in 2006.

Operating on 100% solar power and a grey and black water recycling treatment plant- you can sleep safe knowing you’re treating the Earth with care.

To book, check out their site here.

Karajini Eco Retreat

Karijini Eco Retreat is one of Australia’s leading eco-tourism attractions, and for good reason!

Ranging from sustainable, safari-style eco tents to campsites nestled amongst native bushland at the edge of Joffre Gorge, Karajini Eco Resort truly has it all.

You can even opt to sleep directly under the stars!

Camp in a location that has slowly formed for billions of years- with deep red gorges, waterfalls and much more.

To book, head to their site here.

RAC Margaret River

RAC Margaret River Nature Park is nestled amidst the towering timber of the Wooditjup National Park (formerly Bramley), providing a peaceful eco-experience for all, all just a 3-hour trip from Perth!

Boasting gorgeous rustic 2 bedroom cabins, located on the forest edge, you’ll feel fully immersed into the wilderness surrounding you.

Enjoy a quiet day of whale watching or a trip to Margaret River Dairy Company to try some delicious cheeses and yoghurts.

To book a stay, head to their site here.

Eco Adventures- Denham RAC Monkey Maria

Completely immerse yourself in the coastal lifestyle and Denham RAC Monkey Maria resort.

Known for its exciting dolphin encounter experiences, this is an excellent spot to totally unwind and detach from reality for a short while.

Offering Aboriginal culture tours and exciting kayak adventures- you’ll feel totally in sync with mother nature.

To book, head to their website here.


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