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Summer Holiday Plans? Book Now or Miss Out!

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 11 October 2022

Booking a summer holiday now might seem like a tedious, unnecessary task.

However, there are heaps of benefits to booking your trip early!

Check out our listicle and find out why you should book your next holiday ASAP!

You can pay over time

One of the great benefits of booking a holiday early, is it gives you a chance to pay for things gradually.

If you’ve just paid for a rental motorhome, you won’t need to buy your equipment all on the same day.

If you plan an itinerary early- you can even book and pay for all the activities you plan to do on your trip so there’s no hassle later on (We recommend Travello!)

All you’ll need is to save some dosh for fuel, groceries and some funky souvenirs!

You’ll save money!

When booking in advance- the likelihood of a discounted price is far greater.

If booking a flight, flights could be literally hundreds of dollars cheaper when booked in advance.

Plus- the earlier on you book, you can investigate package deals to get the best price!


The fear of missing out is real!

Other families are likely to book their holidays early too- so book now or risk missing your spot.

The earlier in advance you book, the better.


You’ll have something to look forward to!

Bring a little calendar into work or fix up a virtual countdown for your work computer to boost your holiday excitement!

Lot’s of time to save up

Booking in advance gives you time to fill up the hip pocket!

It’s worth saving your money now, so you can splurge on your holiday!

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