Staying Level-Headed on the Road

Category: News, Safety, Date: 16 January 2023

How do you keep cool while driving? Tell us in the comments!

Road rage often leaves motorists rattled and upset, which can ultimately become very dangerous on the road.

A whopping 70% of Australians said they have had another driver shout, swear, or rudely gesture at them while on the road in the previous 12 months.

When having road rage, you’re less attentive to the road and more likely to cause or end up in an accident.

To overcome this, we’ve listed some strategies to keep cool on your next drive.

Take Deep Breaths

If you find yourself extra agitated on the road, take a moment to assess the situation and take some deep breaths.

Taking 10 breaths in a row is proven to reduce stress and anxiety- and will help you calm down considerably.

Listen to Calming Music

If you find yourself amidst a stressful drive, chuck on your most peaceful playlist to mellow out.

Whether it be classical, low-fi or even some heavy metal: whatever cools you down, have it playing before you start your drive.

Our personal favourite here at Let’s Go is the Finding Nemo soundtrack… Do with this information what you will!

Allow Additional Time Before You Go

If you know you’re a stressed driver, allow yourself an extra 10 minutes when you finally head off.

This factors in taking a wrong turn, the parking situation or any other issues that could arise on your trip.

For our extra-stressed travellers, it could be worth planning your route before you leave to ensure the most stress-free drive possible.

Leave a Gap

Sometimes, road rage from other drivers is unavoidable.

However, you can choose not to engage and avoid making the worst of the situation.

Simply slow down a fraction and keep some distance from the driver in question.

You’ll be keeping yourself and those around you safe- plus you won’t get yourself in a total tizzy. Win!

Pull Over

There’s no shame in pulling over and taking a breather.

Especially for those taking a long trip- use this time to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a coffee before heading back onto the road.

Whether it’s just for a minute to catch your breath, taking a break is sometimes the best solution to stress driving.

Know When to Play it Safe

When confronted with aggressive behaviour, it might be time to get the police involved.

If you ever feel threatened or unsafe, pull over and call 000 immediately.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

For more safety tips, head to the Co-Exist website.


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