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Plan your winter holidays now!

Category: Inspiration, Date: 6 January 2023

Why should you book early?

The travel rush is officially upon us, and travel experts recommend booking your winter holidays now to avoid disappointment.

If the Christmas holidays last year showed us anything, Aussies are keen to get back to travelling and are using any available opportunity to do so!

With the winter fast approaching, experts suggest that it’s time to start planning and booking winter holidays now to avoid disappointment.

For those looking to plan a fun winter holiday with the family, now is the time to start booking rental vans and holiday park spots.

Regional Australia has become more appealing and is now in super high demand as Australians are now taking this opportunity to explore their own backyard and discover the hidden gems of the country.

As Australians look for alternatives to traditional hotspots, many regional destinations are gaining popularity

. Whether it’s the coastal towns of Byron Bay or the snowy mountains of Victoria, there are plenty of destinations to choose from.

However, this popularity also means that these locations are filling up fast, and it’s crucial to book your accommodation early.

Caravan parks are a popular option for those looking for a budget-friendly and family-friendly holiday.

With facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and camp kitchens, caravan parks provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for families.

However, due to the increased demand, caravan parks are booking up quickly, and it’s essential to secure your spot as soon as possible.

Booking a caravan park spot can be done easily through our online directory, which you can find here here.

When planning your winter holiday, it’s also important to consider your mode of transportation.

Rental vans have become a popular choice for families looking for a comfortable and flexible way to travel.

Rental vans provide a home away from home experience, with comfortable beds, kitchen facilities, and even a shower and toilet. T

hey are an excellent option for those looking to explore regional Australia at their own pace.

It’s important to note that while regional Australia is becoming increasingly popular, many businesses in these areas are still recovering from the impact of the pandemic.

It’s essential to support these businesses by spending money in the local community and respecting the local culture and environment.


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