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Plan the ultimate camping music trail!

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 9 February 2023

What is a music trail?

A music trail is a designated route or series of locations that are significant to a specific musical genre or artist.

You might be following a series of festivals, a specific artist/band or have simply got some luck and seen a variety of different artists- the choices are endless.

So get ready for your own Lindsay Weir music trail moment and get planning now.

Choose your trail

First things first- you’ve got to pick what you’re going to see!

Pick out the artists you’re keen on watching and grab your tickets quickly so they don’t sell out.

It’s also worth checking out the locations, events, and attractions nearby for a more exciting trip.

Pick your dates

Allow yourself some time to chill between your selected artists and give yourself an opportunity to explore the area you’re in.

The trip will be a lot less enjoyable if you and your group are constantly rushing from place to place.

Pick your camping grounds

Once your dates and trail are all sorted and accounted for the real fun can begin!

Start researching your chosen areas and pick out where you’re going to stay.

Some important factors are:

  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Affordability

Make sure you pick a park that suits your entire group’s needs- and you’ll be good to go!

Plan an itinerary

Your selected musicians and festivals are a great source of entertainment, but it only takes up a fraction of your time.

It’s essential to plan other activities and spots to visit on your music trail- as reception can sometimes be a little dodgy.

It’s never worth the additional stress, you want to be relaxing and have fun!

Jump online and book some activities and do some research for the best trip possible.

Pack appropriately

Australia is a beautiful country with lots of amazing things to do and see, but one of its downfalls is its unpredictable weather.

Make sure you pack for any weather occasion- rainy, sunny, windy, as you never want to be caught out.

It’ll be worth packing some extra blankets and a jumper in case of any random cold temperature drops.

Bring some entertainment

There’s gonna be some days during your travels when you’re just going to want to mellow out and chill inside.

Make sure to bring some form of entertainment, like a book or a way to stream your favourite movies and tv shows so you’re not caught out.


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