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Make other campers jealous of your camping set-up!

Category: News, Date: 3 February 2023

What’s the thing that makes you jealous of other camping setups? 

Sometimes it’s the outdoor setup, decorated with pretty fairy lights and other luxuries.

Or maybe it’s listening to another campers air-con on full blast.

When hanging out at the campsite, sometimes you’ve got no choice but to cheekily snoop in on other setups!

We hit up our followers on Facebook and asked them:

What’s one thing that makes YOU jealous of other camping setups?

We asked, and the public responded!

Check them out here:

One Facebook commenter said:

“No matter how big the rig, how much gear they have, everyone is taking up the same amount of space and camping. The odd time you get some “tossers” but 90% are just having a good time like us,”

Another commenter said:

“I’m jealous of couples without kids 🤣🤣 I love camping with our kids but it’s so much effort with a family of 6! The older ones sometimes help set up/pack up but it’s usually easier to get them to watch/play with the younger ones so hubby and I can just power through. One day we’ll get a caravan (once kids have grown) and it’ll be pull up, and open a beverage lol,”

Another commenter said:

“Not jealous but, when I’m packing up for home and people are obviously setting up for the beginning of a big break. And thumbs up to all the beautiful rebirthed retro vans with mod cons,”

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One user said:

“Never jealous- happy for others and their rig efforts, envious if they have pole position in camp with the view!”

Have you got any more ways to make other campers jealous? Tell us in the comments below!


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