It just makes cents: 5 ways to save money on fuel

Category: News, Date: 6 February 2023

The harsh reality of 2023 has seen the cost of living increase drastically; burdening the hip pockets of hundreds of Aussies.

One of the unfortunate side effects of this increase is the rising cost of fuel.

For many caravanners and campers- this has been a huge hurdle for budgeting their trip, so we decided to list some strategies to ease the sting and to help save on fuel.

See them here:

Ensure Tyres are Inflated Properly

Sometimes this one can fly right past us, but for fuel preservation, it’s vital to keep your tyres inflated properly.

Driving with the incorrect tyre pressure can chew up your fuel pretty quickly- so it’s important to do your tyre checks every now and again when at the servo.

Smart Camping

If saving money on fuel is a priority for you when camping, plan ahead and camp in a spot closest to the destinations you want to visit.

Camp at parks near shops, events, the beach or wherever you plan on visiting most, so you can walk to your destinations.

Keeping fit and saving money, it’s a win-win!

7-Eleven Fuel Reserve App

If you’re looking to source some cheap fuel, consider installing the 7-Eleven app.

Not only does it give you the option to find the cheapest fuel near you, but it allows you to lock in the cheapest price and reserve it for up to 7 days!

Learn more about the app on their website here.

Become a G’Day Parks Member

As a G’day Rewards Member, you will SAVE 6c per litre as an introductory fuel discount.

You’ll then continue to SAVE with an ongoing 4c per litre when you fill up with Shell.

Check out the G’Day Parks membership options here.

Take advantage of cruise-control

Maintaining a consistent speed on the highway can help improve fuel efficiency, so why not do yourself a favour and use your cruise control?

Not only will you be saving your cash, but you’ll be preventing yourself from driving fatigue by eliminating the need for frequent acceleration and breaking.


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