How you can support bushfire affected areas by taking a camping trip

Category: Date: 29 January 2020

With our summer dominated by some of the worst bushfires on record, many people around the country have had a tough start to 2020.

In the true Aussie spirit, many of us are now wondering how we can lend a hand and what we can do to assist those in bushfire affected areas.

If you want to help but aren’t sure how, we suggest visiting a bushfire affected area on your next caravan or camping trip.

As these towns begin to rebuild and recover from the devastating fires, tourism will be a key ingredient in not only helping local businesses to recover, but also their long-term sustainability.

With this in mind, Caravan Industry Association of Australia has officially launched the new Keep on Camping website.

The website contains information about which parks are currently open or closed, and is designed to help you make informed travel decisions so that when it is safe to travel again, you can get visit these communities, many of whom are reliant on tourism.

At the time of writing, several parks and towns are still in crisis and are not currently safe to visit, however by the time of your next trip, they are likely to be ready to welcome you with open arms!

When taking a caravan or camping trip to a regional area, you can invest money directly in local attractions, shop at local cafes and boutiques, buy local seafood and groceries, and stay in local holiday parks.

Through travelling to these regional destinations on a caravan and camping trip, you are supporting communities and spending money helping those towns who need it most.

To find out more information and to check which communities are open for visitors, head to


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