How to start a campfire safely

Category: News, Safety, Date: 22 May 2023

Nothing beats the enchanting warmth and camaraderie of a campfire under the starry Australian sky.

However, it’s crucial to prioritise safety when starting a campfire to prevent accidents and protect the environment.

Our listicle will provide you with essential guidelines to ensure you can enjoy the magic of a campfire responsibly, check it out here:

Check Fire Restrictions and Weather Conditions

Before lighting a campfire, it’s essential to check for any fire restrictions in your area.

Australian weather conditions can be unpredictable, and certain regions might have fire bans in place due to extreme heat or dryness.

Consult with local authorities, national parks, or campsite operators to obtain up-to-date information.

Additionally, assess the weather conditions, including wind speed and direction, as strong winds can quickly spread embers and sparks, posing a significant risk.

The Bureau of Meteorology releases fire weather warnings when forecast weather conditions are likely to be dangerous.

The Fire Weather Knowledge Centre provides information about bushfires and fire weather as well as information about our warnings, which you can view here.

You can also find Australia’s campfire laws here.

Choose an Appropriate Location

Selecting the right location for your campfire is paramount to safety. Look for designated fire pits or established fire rings within camping areas, as they are designed to contain the fire properly.

If there are no designated areas, choose a spot away from overhanging branches, dry grass, or flammable materials.

Clear a space at least three meters in diameter around the fire pit, removing any debris or combustible materials that could catch fire.

Click here to find a park near you.

Prepare the Fire Pit

Before starting the fire, it’s crucial to prepare the fire pit correctly. Line the pit with rocks or a metal ring to contain the fire.

This helps prevent the spread of embers and sparks. Ensure the fire pit is sturdy and stable, with no loose rocks that could shift or topple into the fire.

Create proper ventilation by leaving enough space between the rocks for air to circulate.

It’s also advisable to have a bucket of water and a shovel nearby for emergencies.

Gather Firewood Safely

Collecting firewood is an integral part of the camping experience. However, it’s essential to do so responsibly.

Only use dead wood that is already on the ground. Do not cut live trees or branches, as they are essential to the ecosystem.

Avoid using driftwood from beaches, as it can release harmful toxins when burned. Remember to respect the natural environment and only gather what you need.

Additionally, choose firewood that is small and dry for better combustion.

Start and Manage the Fire

To start the campfire safely, use approved fire starters or small pieces of dry, crumpled paper.

Place the fire starters at the base of the fire pit and arrange small sticks in a teepee shape over them. Light the fire starters, gently blowing on the flames to help ignite the wood.

As the fire grows, gradually add larger pieces of firewood, ensuring you maintain control over the size and intensity of the fire.

Never leave the fire unattended and avoid excessive flames that could pose a hazard.

Starting a campfire safely in Australia requires careful planning and consideration.

By adhering to fire restrictions, choosing an appropriate location, and following responsible practices, you can enjoy the warmth and ambience of a campfire while preserving the environment and minimizing the risk of accidents. So, let’s savour the beauty of Australia’s outdoors responsibly!


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  1. Raymond Moore says:

    Well done, Good advice and tips for young and old. I can see that this info will help a lot of Campers who love the bush and Countryside for Holidays.

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