How do you plan a camping trip?

Category: News, Date: 23 June 2023

How do you plan a camping trip? Tell us in the comments!

Planning a camping trip can be tough, especially for beginners.

We took to our Facebook page to ask the real experts, and they gave us their tips and tricks on how they plan their holidays!

See what they had to say here:

What did the experts have to say?

  • Spontaneity and last-minute decisions are common approaches.
  • Some rely on their partners or friends to plan and organize the trips.
  • The use of technology, such as apps like WikiCamps and Google Maps, is mentioned for finding destinations and information.
  • The weather forecast plays a role in deciding the best time to go.
  • Some mention randomly selecting a location or flipping a coin to determine the direction.
  • Flexibility is key, with plans often changing along the way based on recommendations or interesting discoveries.
  • Personal preferences, like avoiding crowded periods or choosing warmer destinations, are considered.
  • There is a mix of individual decision-making, teamwork, and relying on others’ suggestions.
  • Some mention enjoying the process of anticipation and preparation.
  • Overall, the emphasis is on simplicity, spontaneity, and adaptability rather than detailed planning.

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