“Do not use”: Swift 500 Gas Cooker owners warned

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 16 June 2022

Swift Appliance Group has issued a warning to all Swift 500 Gas Cooker owners to not use their stove until further notice.

It comes after a person was injured while using the cooker in a caravan.

It was identified the failure point was in the internal piping at the outlet connection point of the front left control valve.

It is being advised that owners should:

  • Owners of caravans and recreational vehicles should check if their cooking appliance is a Swift 500 series appliance and avoid use until the extent of the issue is known and documented.
  • The gas supply to the appliance can be isolated at the gas isolation valve, adjacent to the appliance, to allow the electrical element and other gas appliances to be used safely.
  • If you smell gas, turn off the gas immediately at the cylinders and contact a gas work licence holder to check the gas system and all gas appliances for safe and correct operation.

For more information, you can see the Resources Safety & Health Queensland website.

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13 Responses to ““Do not use”: Swift 500 Gas Cooker owners warned”

  1. Joyce Rae says:

    Who is paying for this suggestion??????

  2. Anonymous says:

    This has been a problem since 2005 what the hell is being done about it.☹️☹️☹️

  3. We are travelling as we do each year, Perth to Broome, for four months. We need to have a cooking appliance, so have bought a small oven with hot plates. This is used in the annexe. Ok for one trip I suppose but how long before a decision is made?

  4. This has been a ongoing issue for awhile now yet would think that all bit more information on the explosion like type of van’s involved 2 apparently and why the other 10s of thousands of van’s have had no problem

  5. Stephen Pope says:

    What do i do as my van is new and has not been used yet = Avan 555

  6. Neville Peters says:

    We own a 2004 Swift 520SE Challenger caravan. How do we know if ours is one of the problem vehicles? how do we know if it’s been updated or not? If it’s been an ongoing problem that the Swift company know about who’s going to pay for the upgrade? What is the problem and how is it rectified? How long before the up grade is likely to be done? Looking forward to your reply, regards Neville Peters

  7. Josephine says:

    We just have the 3
    Burner cooktop plus 1 electric but do not have an oven . Caravan is 10 yrs old
    Does this notice apply to us ?

  8. Jane McLachlan says:

    So angry and disappointed by this,here we are on a trip of a lifetime in our brand new caravan and just told not to use the oven/ stove and no further information about how to remedy this hascome out. Our caravan dealer doesnt want to know and is no help what so ever, and our oven is now a very expensive tea towel holder!! If we use it and it blows up we wont be covered by insurance, Not happy at all.

  9. Bob Breedon says:

    What a disgusting lack of information!
    * What exactly is the problem?
    * when you say “front left control valve” do you mean front left knob (which is the control valve for the left rear burner) or the next knob, which is the control valve for the left front burner?
    * If it is such an urgent issue, why is there bugger-all information except “DO NOT USE”??
    * Who is going to cover the cost of an inspection by a qualified tradesman if it is a manufacturing fault? If it has been known about for so long, Swift should be accountable and a recall notice issued at full cost to Swift.
    * Where is the ACCC and Department of Fair Trading on this?

  10. Allan says:

    The issue relates to Swift 500 Series cookers sold and supplied since 2004 and relates to a nut in the gas supply pipe that may have been overtightened, leading to a possible leakage. This could result in a gas leak and possible fire or explosion that may cause injury or death to the user.

  11. Mick says:

    Is this an issue with recently installed cookers. Ours is a 2008 model and is working fine so does this direction include older cookers?

  12. CM says:

    It appears in the full article that a national recall is being ‘prepared’ with the Qld health & safety (RSHQ), gas regulators and Swift (manufacturer).
    Does this issue only apply to the front left burner? If so, then the other burners can be used safely? Or is this also under investigation?

  13. Geoff Noonan says:

    We have a 2014 model swift 500s and has has a gas leak who do I see about this.

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