Caravan Weights Explained

Category: Inspiration, News, Safety, Date: 29 July 2022

Let’s Go Towing Safety Video Series

Do you understand RV weights and terminology?

The video below is the first of our video series that is dedicated to towing safety, which is designed initially to address the fundamentals of towing, providing instruction suited to both experienced and new campers.

Gary Gardiner, our host, is a professional towing instructor and runs his own business ‘Total Towing Set Ups’. In addition to running his own towing training business, Gary hosts the increasingly popular towing safety seminars, which are hosted at major caravan shows in QLD.

Over the coming weeks and months, additional towing safety videos will be presented, creating a library of instructional and information towing videos easily accessible for your use.

National Towing Website

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Driving with Trucks

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4 Responses to “Caravan Weights Explained”

  1. Markdurnan says:

    Hi Gary
    I am towing a jay co swan with a BMW X1 2016
    is the car adequate ?
    Do l need brakes on the van or car ?
    Thanks mark

  2. Anonymous says:

    I understand that the weight of loaded car plus the ball weight must not exceed the vehicles GVM. I also thought that the loaded caravan weight plus the ball weight must not exceed the van;s ATM. Is this correct? If so why is the ball weight added twice?

  3. Roz Zimmerman says:

    I understand that the loaded vehicle weight plus the tow ball weight must not exceed the vehicles GVM. I also understood that the caravan’s loaded weight plus the tow ball weight must not exceed the caravans ATM. Am I confused or is this correct? If it is correct why is the tow ball weight added to both?

  4. John Robertson says:

    Why is it that when ever you read a caravan magazine ,you see many vehicles that have a tow weight of around 3000 kgs towing vans with a tare of 2800 kgs being some 24 feet long .Later on in the article you see the vehicle and van on the road ,then you see that both units are down at the business end with the van down at the hock end and the tug down at the rear end .
    The same magazine has a forward being very very critical of the weights that some people load their units .

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