Camping Do’s and Don’ts

Category: News, Safety, Date: 12 March 2023

What are your camping do’s and don’ts? Tell us in the comments!

Camping can be a great way to unwind, destress and relax and is a fun and memorable experience for all involved, but it’s important to have the basics at the front of your mind.

Here are some essential do’s and don’t that ensure you make the most of your trip in the safest way possible.


Bring a camping chair!

It’s not something you realise until you don’t have one on hand and have nowhere to sit!

You don’t want to be THAT person sitting on the grass sitting around the campfire while all your mates are sitting in their lush camping chairs.

Make sure you put a camping chair at the top of your packing priority list for the most comfortable trip possible.

Check out this camping chair from Dometic here.


Leave your rubbish around the campsite.

It’s vital to leave your campsite exactly as you found it.

Not only does this mean the next set of campers will have clean grounds to stay on, but you’ll be doing the environment around you a complete solid.


Plan ahead!

Ensure you’ve heavily researched your campsite and its immediate surroundings.

This way you won’t have to waste time planning your days and activities on the campsite where reception could potentially be dodgy.

It’s also important to check out your local council laws and state regulations before visiting and camping in a new place.


Leave food unattended.

Local wildlife is particularly prone to snatching away your goodies while camping.

Not only is this bad for you as you’re getting your food stolen, but it’s detrimental to local wildlife.

Local wildlife often can’t properly digest the food we consume which can make them very sick.

Plus, the more reliant on snatching food from campsites they are- the less they can fend for themselves when there’s nobody around.

Keep your distance from animals, store food properly to avoid attracting them, and never feed them.


Set up your campsite properly.

Avoid cutting corners and set up your site before sitting down and cracking a cold one.

Regardless if you’re in the van or if your simply just pitching a tent, have everything laid out and good to go.

The sooner the better!


Make loud noise while camping.

You want to make as little an impact as possible on your surroundings.

Plus, if there are other campers around you- you won’t be disturbing their trip.

Make sure your generator isn’t surpassing a maximum noise level output of up to 65 dB at 7 m at your site.


Be prepared for emergencies.

Whether it’s bringing a first aid kit, a fire safety blanket or simply knowing your phone reception points- have a plan in place for emergencies.


Ignore fire bans.

There’s a reason the bans are in place.

It’s important to remember the fire ban rules aren’t just there to be annoying.

Always check for fire restrictions before starting a fire and follow the rules accordingly.


Mind the surrounding trees and vegetation.

Do not cut down trees or damage vegetation for any reason.

For firewood- search for already fallen sticks and leaves.


Wander off the trail while hiking.

This is extremely dangerous, and if something serious were to occur- it would be extremely difficult for emergency responders to locate you.

Stick to designated trails to avoid getting lost and damaging the environment.

Check out some tips for hiking etiquette here.


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3 Responses to “Camping Do’s and Don’ts”

  1. John McMillan says:

    Always put your camp chairs away at night in case of rain and yr shoes in case of wildlife. Foxes love them. Don’t put yr generator around the back of yr can out of earshot, right within earshot of someone else! 😤

  2. Glen says:

    “Camping Do’s and Don’ts”
    Should read “Try and leave your campsite BETTER than you found it” not “exactly”.
    First thing I do on new campsite is to clear away all bits of broken glass, ring pulls, batteries in the fire pit and all the other cr.p that people think is ok to leave for “someone else” to pick up.
    Just downright lazy. Makes you wonder what else they left in the surrounds.
    Putting in the effort and starting with a nice clean campsite will make your stay even more enjoyable.
    Leaving it that way feels even better!
    Do your bit to help clean up our bush.

  3. Manajemen says:

    What are some of the most essential basics one should keep in mind when planning a camping trip to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience?

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