Camping activities for Mother’s Day

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 18 April 2022

With Mother’s day slowly creeping up, we decided to list some our our best ideas to help you surprise mum on her special day.

Take a look through our list for some inspiration to give mum the best day out ever:

Taking a hike

A simple strategy, yet very effective. Going on a hike gives you and mum an opportunity to catch up and enjoy some quality time with mum on her special day.

Mother’s day picnic

Choosing a nice spot with a lovely view and setting up a picnic with mum’s favourites is a great way to celebrate. It’s easy to prepare, and mum is sure to love it. A perfect mother’s day outing!

Mother’s Day Glamping

Sometimes mums just want to be pampered, so why not taking her glamping this Mother’s day? There are countless options available all around the nation to pick from.

Wine Tours

Taking mum for a wine tour is an excellent gift she’ll surely love you for.

Victoria and Tasmania are especially great places for vineyards to really treat mum on her special day.

Building a campfire

A wholesome activity to spend some quality time with mum.

Set up a campfire, get the smores going and enjoy a few bevs in the calm of the camping grounds.

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