Campers’ Ultimate Celeb Camping Companions Revealed!

Category: News, Date: 29 August 2023

Which celebs would you want to camp with? Tell us in the comments!

We’re kicking off a ripper topic that’s got everyone around the campfire buzzin’ with excitement: “Campers’ Ultimate Celeb Companions Revealed!”

We decided to throw the question to our awesome Facebook community, asking them which celebs they think would make the perfect camping mates.

We all know Aussies are pros at setting up camp and enjoying the great outdoors, but imagine sharing the experience with a well-known celeb!

Our Facebook crew didn’t hold back, and their responses are a mix of fun, quirky, and unexpected choices.

See them here:

Amber S said: Russell Coight 😜

Om P said: Seth Rogen

Gloria M said: Jesus❣️

Ronald J P said: Van Morrison or Neil Diamond.. can you imagine the singalong around the fire 🔥

Tracey M said: Billy Connolly

Debbie S said: Adrian Richardson chef

Paul B said: Oliver Reid

Faye C said: Kevin Costner

Chris G said: Now c’mon, it’s gotta be Paul Hogan “Crocodile Dundee”.

James F said: McIver

Bob M said: Lindsey Lohan

Peter S said: Yogi Bear, he’s a great provider

Glen H said: Harry Fisher, f2f; the convo and cooking

Chris T said: Me, myself and I. The whole three of us

Jennifer L said: Sam Neil

Curtis D said: The Teskey Brothers sipping Whiskey and listening to them jam would be incredible.

Paul B said: None because I don’t care about celebrities. They are just another person.

Susan R said: Adam Lambert because he is Adam Lambert. Or Russell Coight

Maria P said: Bruce Springsteen. Nice & up close 😀

Jason P said: Travis Fimmel Sandra

K G said: None. Rather go with a friend I know.

Rodney R said: Nigella, stunning cook.

Tammy G said: Ryan Reynolds and Blake, I think they would be a hoot.

Annie C said: Me, cause to me I am a celeb

Kerry R said: John Bon Jovi, sing-along around the campfire would be awesome.

Cheryl A said: Well, it wouldn’t be Bear Grylls, that’s for sure!

Graeme S said: I camp with celebrities all the time, our camping buddies are the celebrities in my world.

Doreen G B said: Neil Diamond ♦️

Ross K said: Why would you want to?

Kylie G said: Michael Myers

Chris A said: Luke Combs because he seems to be as grounded as I am but can sing a little better 😂

Serge B said: Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead or Lauren Cohen!

Michelle W said: Hamish & Andy, plenty of entertainment.

Rob H said: Mick Taylor!

Dennis B said: I don’t know any camp celebrities

Adell S said: Russell Coit and Carl Barron

Chelsea H said: Adam Sandler. He’s hot & funny asf!!

Kathy C said: Ernie Dingo, great knowledge and experience

Alan E said: The Bush Tucker Man



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