Campers share the most unexpected thing you’ve packed for a camping trip that turned out to be incredibly useful..

Category: News, Date: 9 October 2023

Camping is a beloved pastime that allows people to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, reconnect with nature, and create lasting memories with family and friends.

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoors enthusiast or a novice camper, one thing is certain: there are certain essentials that can make your camping experience not only enjoyable but also incredibly convenient.

We reached out to our mates over on our Facebook page and asked them to share their must-have camping items.

While some items on the list were expected, like tents and cooking utensils, others were surprising and demonstrated the unique needs and preferences of individual campers.

  1. Greg M: “Ice machine”
  2. Larissa H: “duct tape and zip ties!”
  3. Jodie L: “WD40…. works for EVERYTHING!”
  4. Matt B: “The Nutri Ninja, for an afternoon of frozen margaritas.”
  5. Amanda B: “Common sense.”
  6. Janine H: “Stainless steel coffee plunger”
  7. Phil D: ” omelette maker”
  8. Julie M: “My husband! 🤣”
  9. Ben W: “The missus”
  10. Leigh A: ” 💪💪💪 Go the tablecloth🤣🤣🤣”
  11. Lisa N: “Bluetak & Velcro”
  12. Tania P: “Pool noodle, light weight and my family used it each day in the pool at the park we booked 🏊‍♂️”
  13. Amanda P: “you taking the whipper snipper”
  14. Barree E: “Rocket blender, air fryer.”
  15. Phil R: “The wife”
  16. Tracey T: “Tree loppers….you never know when you need to trim back trees or bushes so they don’t scratch your van. 🤔”
  17. Merran Heather B: “Tiny light with a few settings incl a glowy setting, that charges on UV during the day.”
  18. Janet B: “My hubby, meee…. and caravan Couldn’t have made the trip without us”
  19. Kerryn M D: “Hubby”
  20. Kathy J: “My husband!”
  21. Pamela J: “Aero Press coffee maker. Freshly brewed coffee every morning, and last year a small airfryer to the caravan.”
  22. Michael U: “My wife”
  23. Tina M: “Soda stream”
  24. Trudy Featherston F: “Tarps, and laundry pegs… can make anything with these!!”
  25. Chris D: “Velcro strapping.”
  26. Darren Q: “A step ladder and a battery blower..So many uses for both..”
  27. Rayleen M: “My husband 😍”
  28. Jo-Anne V: “Small orange ball, 🟠 my hubby kept hitting his head on the corner of the overhead cupboard. So glued ball to corner.”
  29. Darryl J: “Cable ties”
  30. Jill K: “Dustpan and brush”
  31. Geof R: “battery clips to an anderson plug. made it as a just in case as I was using an anderson plug to power a portable compressor. A mate needed it one trip so bonus.”
  32. Kirsty H: “The fold up coffee table my youngest son made in high school….lightweight and sentimental value too. It has only just expired after over 15 years service. Loved it sitting between the camp chairs under the awning!”
  33. James R: “My Royobi Circular Saw…”
  34. Hayley S: “Cable ties”
  35. Tony O: “Soldering Iron and solder”
  36. Craig M: “Ice”
  37. Felicia P: “Wet wipes and a paracord. 1000 different uses for both.”
  38. Peta K: “Clothes Pegs”
  39. Emma L: “Mist hose for the scorching heat 🥰”
  40. Kathy J: “My husband”
  41. Nikki K: “Me 🤣😂🤣😂”
  42. Gregory C: “My wife.”
  43. Maree M: “My husband 🤭”
  44. Cheryl D: “My husband!”
  45. Tahlia S: “The can opener that noone else ever remembers to bring 😂👌”
  46. David K: “My wife.❤️”
  47. Bronwynne H: “Rum”
  48. Ross K: “Jack daniels”
  49. Sam Martin M: “Solar string lights”
  50. Lynda B: “My husband 😂”
  51. Wayne B: “My wife.”
  52. Glenda S: “My Husband”
  53. Kim K: “A heater in summer”
  54. Glen D: “Super glue”
  55. Colinna H: “Rake – just a cheap lightweight one from Bunnings. Surprisingly how many sites we’ve had to rake up leaves or flowers from trees that have gone mushy.”
  56. Carly B: “My husband”
  57. Lisa S: “It’s got to be the duct tape 👨‍🔧⚒️🔧🪛🪚🗜️⛏️🪓🧰🧑‍🔧😂”
  58. Tracey B: “Slow cooker. Go out for the day and come home to a fully cooked meal”
  59. Dave N: “Air fryer.”
  60. Julie M: “The air fryer”
  61. CarolnBob P: “Bob🤣🤣”
  62. Denise S: “My husband”
  63. Rhys M: “An 1840’s drawknife, an early 1900’s spokeshave and a pair of whittling knives. They made quick work of turning sticks into tinder and I got to spend some time carving a walking stick while sitting on the creek bank.”
  64. Anne H: “Party masks 🎭”
  65. Michelle G: “VIPOO spray 😂😂”
  66. Shirley G: “My Cook4Me”
  67. Tanya J: “My ex husband (husband at the time 🤣)”
  68. Solet P: “Toaster… we had no lighter so added paper inside that caught fire and then started a fire”
  69. Teresa R: “Leaf Blower better than a broom – laughed at my husband when he packed it – but works a treat on the matting.”
  70. Eve M: “Deck of cards, board games and extra camp chairs so it’s inviting to meet other campers”
  71. Sandy M: “Fold back bulldog clips. We’ve clipped sheets up for shade, we’ve clipped shades to gazebo legs, clipped a collapsible bin to a guy wire, even used them as pegs. About 10 live permanently in the caravaning/camping gear.”
  72. Ros H: “the plug in electric ⚡️ heater?”
  73. John K: “wife”
  74. Tony H: “Radio control rock climbers. Keeps everyone busy for hours even the older ones that give it a go. And you can drink and drive these.”
  75. Tammy H: “Flexi buckets, we usually pack 4+ of them. They stack into each other so only as bulky as 1. Great for wet stuff, dirty stuff, messy stuff and all the other stuff. Plus a box of chalk. The kids love it and it washes away. Hours of fun games.”
  76. Ariel Brett-King: “My husband”
  77. Edwinna L: “Fairy lights and board games”
  78. Marcus B: “Paper towel”
  79. Dean H: “tablecloth weights”
  80. Justine T: “Pegs”
  81. Elle J: “Pegs…they have multiple uses…”
  82. Karen P: “Tape & cable ties”
  83. Mia S: “My husband”
  84. Belle C: “My husband Tim👌🏼”
  85. Roslyn I: “Vacuum cleaner”
  86. Jon W: “Bar of soap to fix crack in fuel tank”
  87. Joyce T: “Grandma’s big pot, great for chili!”
  88. Michael G: “12 volt electric blanket”
  89. Melissa B: “Extra goon bag”
  90. Tracie L: “Paper towels”
  91. Simon T: “Zip ties, and I seem to always use them all ”
  92. James L: “Laxettes..”
  93. Kerrie M: “Flour drum. Hot baths all round!”
  94. Michael W: “The wife.”
  95. Cate B: “My dog 🐕”
  96. Michele M: “Dish rack”


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