5 Reasons To Take A Campervan Holiday in Australia

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 15 June 2022

Throughout Australia, camping holidays are a popular way for Aussies to spend their downtime. With crowds of locals flocking to their favourite spots each summer for generations, it is safe to say that this type of holiday could be considered a national treasure!

Long gone are the days spent trying to dry out leaky tents and maneuvering long-drop toilets. Nowadays, holiday parks throughout Australia are modern and comfortable, and campervans are easy to drive with everything you could possibly need for an unforgettable adventure right at your very fingertips. 

Holidaying in a campervan adds a brand-new meaning to the words ‘road trip.’ Allowing you to explore a whole world of possibilities, allowing for unmatched flexibility and comfort. Road trip holidays enable you to take your accommodation with you, travel at your own pace, and have everything you could ever need for an epic holiday packed right into your home on wheels.

Campervans make for hassle-free travel

Does the idea of planning a holiday seem daunting to you? Travelling in a campervan could be the perfect way to take some of the stress out of your trip away. With a campervan, your accommodation is sorted every night for as long as you want to be away, forget the stress of booking rooms or houses to accommodate your whole group. 

The admin of packing up hotel rooms and following tight check-in and check-out times is also mitigated with campervan holidays. Embrace campervan life with no check-out times or alarm clocks, simply hit the road when the time suits. 

With plentiful storage in larger motorhomes, you’ve got all the room to store your favorite gear and have it with you wherever you go, from the kids’ camping chairs to your surfboards, or even mum and dad’s golf clubs. 

  • Embrace your opportunity to carve your own adventure

One of the best parts about having a campervan road trip is that you can tick off as many bucket-list destinations and must-see spots as you want. 

Driving across the country offers you a unique experience and insight into fully seeing what the country has to offer. Admire the epic panoramic views out of your campervan windows and pull over at the hidden gems you might uncover on the road.

The ultimate way to explore the road less travelled, and truly get off the beaten track is by campervan. 

  • Campervan holidays are the perfect chance to switch off

A campervan holiday can be the perfect opportunity for you to go off the grid, disconnecting from the stress of every day and focusing on what’s truly important, your nearest and dearest! With the busy lives many people live today, there is an ongoing struggle to spend quality time with your loved ones. A campervan holiday can get you off the beaten track, up close to nature, where you can turn off your devices and spend quality time with your family. Not only will the kids love having your full attention, but it’s also a great opportunity to disconnect from work and the stresses of daily life. 

Instead of watching tv and hanging out in front of devices, embrace the opportunity to do something different as a family. Try an outdoor hike, play board games, experience a new activity, or discover new places.

  • Take the fun factor to the next level with holiday parks

Travelling in a campervan doesn’t mean you have to give up on the socialising part of a holiday, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Holiday parks are the perfect place to meet new people, especially other kids and families. Making friends with like-minded people at holiday parks is the perfect way to keep everyone entertained. Whether it’s someone for the kids to run around with, or friends for adults to unwind and have a wine with, making friends at holiday parks is another incredible memory you can make on campervan holidays in Australia. 

Most holiday parks in Australia are packed with an abundance of epic facilities and things to do. With pools, playgrounds, and media rooms, these destinations are kitted out for even more epic memory-making. To add to the convenience of holiday parks, a visit to one will also give you the chance to recharge your phones and tablets for downtime in the campervan. 

  • Your furry friends don’t have to miss out on the fun

How likely is it for a hotel to let you bring your dog along for all the fun? Luckily for your pets, Britz welcomes all your furry friends on board our campervans. This way you can have the whole family on the trip, just be sure to check that your holiday park or national park allows pets to stay too.

Not only does bringing your pet on holiday make the trip extra memorable for the kids, but you also won’t have to worry if your pet is okay or not or pay for pet accommodation while you are away. Keep the kids occupied and entertained by running around with pets when you start to run out of steam. If your kids start to miss home at all, they will have the comfort of the family pet, the perfect reminder of home!

Top Tips for Family Campervan Trips

Pack plenty of entertainment options

Infants and toddlers will be more than happy with a handful of stuffed toys and regular top-ups with food and drink to break up days of driving, but if you’re travelling with older kids, you’ll need to plan a bit more. We recommend packing a few books or trying out an audiobook or podcast, as well as games or quizzes on a tablet. A classic game of spotto is a family favourite and perfect for long road trips.

Make plenty of stops along the way

Travelling for children can often feel endless. It’s important to make plenty of stops along the way to let the kids get some fresh air and stretch their legs, whilst exploring Australia and their surroundings. Making regular stops and planning to travel a maximum of two to three hours per day will allow the kids to release their energy and make for an enjoyable and peaceful experience. 

Let the kids help to plan your trip

Make sure once you arrive at a destination to give the kids options of a few activities that they can choose from. If you’re at a beach, your options could include snorkelling, a boat tour, or surfing lessons. Allowing them to choose which activity they prefer will make them feel like part of the holiday and make them more engaged. 

Upsize your camper

Kids love to roam and explore, so opting for a larger campervan rental is a good idea to ensure everyone in the family has the space they need to relax and feel comfortable. Our 6-berth vehicles come with 3 beds, so if you’re travelling as a family of 4, the kids will have their own space to sleep and play in, as well as giving you enough space to get some peace and quiet in. This makes a huge difference to the quality of the holiday. 

Ready to hit the road for an unforgettable journey?

Hire a campervan from Britz today. Book your campervan to collect from your preferred branch and get ready for the holiday of a lifetime. Check out more of our guides on travelling with kids to make sure this family adventure is the best one yet. 

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