10 Tips For a Family Campervan Holiday in Australia

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Are you looking forward to a family holiday, packed with sunshine and unforgettable memories with your nearest and dearest? Look no further than a campervan adventure across Australia. Taking a family holiday in a campervan offers a fun, flexible, and financially affordable way of getting out of the house, experiencing something new, and spending time with your loved ones. Need more convincing? Check out these reasons to take a campervan holiday in Australia.

With so much to do, doing some pre-planning before hitting the road with the kids in tow will pay off. Organising in advance will ease the stress of travelling, as well as enable you to embrace the opportunities on the road ahead.

1.      Pick the right campervan for your family

Before you book anything for your trip, you’ll need to think about what you need in a campervan. How many beds will you need? Will you eat out or cook? Do you need bathrooms or entertainment?

Once you’ve decided what’s most important, consider how much extra space you’ll need. Little people can often take up a lot of room, especially with all their stuff on board! Look at campervans that offer plenty of room to spread out for activities, as well as enough storage for all your luggage. Don’t forget to factor in some room for prams, bikes, games, and other child-related items that you might take with you.

Some campervans are better suited for travelling with toddlers and babies, with configurations that keep them up close to the driver’s seat so you can keep an eye on them. Other campervans have seats closer to the back of the campervan, which is perfect for older children or teens who will value having some of their own space. 

2.      Pack for your trip in advance

Ease into your holiday the right way, by steering clear of a last-minute rush to prepare. Pre-pack your essentials, which may include favourite toys, books, board games, and other activities to keep the family entertained during the time not spent exploring. It’s also a good idea to collect your campervan without the kids and do a supermarket shop before hitting the road with the kids in tow.

Your campervan will come with lots of space to sleep as well as a tabletop and plenty of storage space. What you decide to pack depends on what kind of activities your family enjoys. Planning to hit the beach? Be sure to pack togs, towels, sunblock, and an esky. Looking to explore the big cities? Walking shoes and backpacks are essential. Make sure you bring some comfy blankets, foldable chairs, and even an outdoor table so you can enjoy the space outside your campervan as well. Just park up for the afternoon and enjoy the campervan lifestyle!

When you’re travelling with young kids, don’t forget to brush up on child restraint rules. Depending on your children’s age and size, they may need a booster seat. You can hire these for a fee or bring your own compatible car seat for the trip.

3.      Bring plenty of activities on board

You’ll likely be spending some days driving long distances during your Australian road trip holiday, so make sure you bring books, tablets, or craft activities to keep the kids occupied and maintain some peace. 

If you have older children, brainstorm some fun activities that you may have played on family road trips back in the day. The classic game ‘i-spy’ is always a good way to keep them busy for a couple of hours. 

As you probably know, sometimes you need to burn off some energy before hitting the hay. Consider packing some outdoor games like a ball so you can tire the kids out before bedtime and keep their sleep routine on track. 

4.      Pre-plan your itinerary

One of the best parts about travelling in a campervan is that you don’t need much locked in. Embrace the flexibility to stay somewhere longer or move on earlier as you wish. But when travelling with kids it might be a little harder to be spontaneous than if it were just you and your other half.

By pre-planning your route, you can avoid long empty roads with no entertainment and stick to places that you can stop at when the kids need a quick run around. There’s an abundance of popular itineraries that help take the hassle out of planning your itinerary. Take some of these ideas to ensure you’ve accounted for extra stops to stretch and spend less time on your trip trying to navigate. Using these itineraries will also allow you to have the best insight into places to stop along the way. 

5.      Choose the right time of year to travel

Travelling Australia is perfect for people who are sun-seekers, but with such a warm climate most of the year, it can get uncomfortable for littlies. Make sure you check the forecast before travelling to ensure the kids can cope with the temperatures for when you’re planning to visit.

If you’re planning to explore during the school holidays, be aware that there will likely be many other families taking campervans through Australia and staying at holiday parks. This is great news if your kids love making new friends, but also means you should make sure you’ve booked your campervan adventure and holiday parks early!

If you want to avoid the school holiday rush, consider travelling during shoulder seasons when attractions and holiday parks are a little less busy, making for a slower-paced break.

6.      Decide on your must-see attractions

Australia offers up more things to see and do than anyone could ever tick off on one trip alone. To get the most out of your time on the road, consider what you’ll want to do and see while you’re away, before leaving.

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to go in Australia, start planning your list of must-see attractions. Getting the kids involved in this stage of planning is a great way to get them engaged in the holiday, and excited for finally getting there!

If you’re travelling on a budget, there are heaps of affordable things to see and do. National Parks are great for getting out in nature or running around. Beach days are another low-cost option, and there is an abundance of fun attractions in the big cities that are budget-friendly.

7.      Stay at family-friendly caravan parks

When exploring Australia, you’re bound to find heaps of family-friendly campsites with great amenities that will help take the stress out of your trip. From on-site laundry facilities to TV rooms, playgrounds, BBQs, and pools, these are great places to stay for the night.

Attracting many other families, caravan parks are a great way for your kids to make new friends and burn off some energy. At powered campsites, you can power up phones, tablets, speakers, and anything else you might need to recharge.

8.      Stock up on food and water

If you’re planning to head to the outback on your road trip, it’s essential that you stock up on food and water to keep the hunger at bay. Make sure you have plenty of water and ice for cold drinks. Our campervans come with a fridge on board, but if you’re a larger family you might want to stock an esky to make sure everyone stays refreshed.

9.      Pack for the weather

As well as getting very hot, Australia is also host to vast rainforests and a range of other climates. This means you may experience colder weather, rain, thunder, and lightning, even if you’re travelling during summer

Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen, hats, and sun protection for the whole family, we also recommend a lightweight rainproof jacket, an umbrella, and a few extra layers of clothing in case the weather turns. 

If you’re going to be embracing the outdoors, remember to pack camping chairs, beach gear, an esky, bikes, and tramping gear.

10. Take your time and enjoy

We are big advocates for having a rough holiday plan, but you’ll soon find out that one of the best parts of campervan holidays is the freedom and flexibility it offers. While you’re planning your trip, remember that not a lot needs to be locked in. Hit the road whenever it suits, stop at unexpected attractions along the way, and let the kids have a say in where you head next.

Travel at your own place and uncover hidden gems whilst enjoying quality time with your nearest and dearest. Campervan trips are the perfect way to switch off and reconnect as a family without the everyday distractions of work, social media, and chores! Spend this time relaxing, exploring beautiful destinations, and creating unforgettable memories. 

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