10 sustainable travel tips

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 17 January 2023

How do you stay eco-friendly while camping? Tell us in the comments!

Sustainability has always been important- but we’re coming into a time were making eco-friendly choices is essential.

A common misunderstanding is that it takes a lot of effort to maintain sustainability while hitting the road or going on a camping trip, but we’re here to bust that myth!

Check out some of the best tips and tricks to make your next holiday as environmentally-friendly as possible!

Carry a reusable water bottle

A super easy way to lighten up your carbon footprint is bringing along a reusable water bottle!

You’ll be reducing your environmental impact by not wasting so much plastic- and you won’t be supporting mass plastic production.

Check out this one from Dometic here.

Travel Off-Peak

This is a great way to boost your destination’s economy during the off-peak months.

You’ll be supporting so many local businesses- whether that’s by partaking in activities or dining in local restaurants.

Plus- you’ll get to ditch all the crowds! It’s a win-win.

Bring a coffee keep-cup

Bringing a coffee keep-cup is a great way to combat deforestation.

Save the trees and invest in a quality keep-cup that will not only keep your coffee warmer for longer, but is more eco-conscious.

Check out this one from Dometic here.

Use travel tupperware

Avoid using disposable plastic sandwich bags and cutlery and opt for reusable tupperwear.

Glass not only looks great, but it’s the best way to store your leftovers without being too heavy an environmental impact.

Buy local produce

Support your destination’s economy and small business by buying local produce while travelling.

You’ll be boosting up the small business, and the local farmers and easing up on the mass production scheme.

Invest in eco-friendly camping gear

Investing in quality camping gear is a great way to take an environmentally friendly approach to camping.

For example, This activity shelter has been sustainably designed using recycled plastic bottle yarn that is waterproof, extremely reliable and environmentally responsible.

Check it out here.

Avoid wildlife encounters

If you’ve ever visited a beachfront fish & chip shop, you might be familiar with this one already.

Avoid at all costs interacting with the local wildlife outside of their normal routine.

Don’t try to pat them, or feed them- as they’ll only grow more reliant on human intervention.

They might also start to hover around the site and won’t get the hint to get lost!

Switch off appliances

Just like you would at home- make sure you’re switching all your appliances off before you head out.

Not only will you be doing yourself a favour by cutting your electricity waste- but you’ll be doing your part to help our planet.

Once you’re in the habit- it’ll take no effort whatsoever.

Invest in solar power

This is one for our caravanners.

Check out some local suppliers and do some research into making your van solar powered!

You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint drastically AND it’ll work out cheaper for you in the end!

Use reef-safe sunscreen

A small change can make a huge difference to our sensitive reefs.

By using reef-safe sunscreen, you’ll be protecting all the vital marine life and the coral as you swim around.

There will be no harm to the environment- which means our reefs will get to stick around a whole lot longer!


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One Response to “10 sustainable travel tips”

  1. Andy says:

    Most people who are “green conscious” will do the vast majority of things already mentioned. Interesting to see there’s no thoughts on changing hard fixtures of a van like composting toilets (producing a large amount of chemicals). Upgrading solar to alleviate the needs for generators. Etc.

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