10 saving techniques for your winter trip

Category: News, Date: 21 March 2022

Want some tips to help you with your saving for any upcoming travels? Look no further, here are our top 10 saving techniques for your winter trip.

Plan your camping trip months in advance

The earlier you book, the cheaper it’s likely to be. Especially if you’re planning to travel via air, the cost will rise and rise the later you leave your booking.

Travel somewhere colder

For a winter trip- why not go against the norm and book a location in a cooler climate. During the winter season, tourists head further north to avoid the brisk chill; but all the deals are hidden in off-peak tourist locations.

Go regional

Visiting regional areas is the perfect way to save your cash. Not only are you escaping the city prices on food and accommodation- but activities generally cost a fair amount less in regional locations.

Book a cruise

An overlooked option- booking a cruise can be an alternative way of booking budget-friendly accommodation. Cruise brands often advertise deals and packages that’ll help you save in the long run.

Booking travel packages

If choosing to fly, various deals are offered through third party travel agencies. Car insurance, holiday accommodation packages, discounted tours and activities are all offered on their websites and are easy to access to help with your saving.

Travel nearby

If you want to save, indulge in a weekend getaway. If craving a change in scenery, visit a nearby town for a relaxing holiday. You won’t have to take off any time for work and won’t be spending thousands of dollars in accomodation.

Pick a nature holiday

An easy way to spend less money, is going somewhere you can’t spend it. Options like hiking and camping are an excellent way to save.

Choose camping over cabins

If the option is available, camping is a great alternative to save your dosh. Rather than opting for a cabin, pitch a tent and get back to nature.

Plan your meals

Avoid eating out and plan your meals in advance. Eating out is a huge cost on travelling and can make or break a budget. Meal prepping and/or planning will help prevent unnecessary spending during your trip and benefit your saving.

Look into government tourism initiatives

Several state governments have announced tourism initiatives to help boost the economy. Earlier in the month, the Victorian government announced over 150’000 travel vouchers which offered various discounts and deals.

For more information on health and wellness while camping, check out our report here.

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3 Responses to “10 saving techniques for your winter trip”

  1. Joe Micallef says:

    I love Camping which you mentioned to be cheaper than a Cabin but you should mention not to buy a cheap Tent! It is a big outlay at first but you do save money on your Trip in the long run. 😎

  2. Luke says:

    Sometimes people overlook the little things when it comes to planning and saving. I think this is a great summary of techniques to help save for a trip!

  3. Tim says:

    Looking into travel packages is such a great tip!

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