Winners living the camping dream with Win a Weekender competition!

Category: News, Date: 16 November 2021

Meet Michele and Patrick Dury who won a $130,000 camping motorhome after entering News Corp’s Win a Weekender competition.

THINKING she was being plagued by scammers, a Townsville woman almost missed out on “the most amazing news”.

Michele Dury was at work at a local high school last week when she received numerous calls from an unknown number.

The Sister’s Call

Thinking it was a scam, Mrs. Dury brushed it off until her sister Patrice reached out to her.

 “She called me and asked if I had entered the competition to win a motorhome,” Mrs. Dury said.

“I said ‘yes’ and she said she saw my name on an email that was sent out. So I better call that number back.”

Mrs. Dury called the number and on the other end of the line was “lovely Lara”, who informed her she’d won a $130,000 motorhome.

Mrs. Dury had entered News Corp’s Win a Weekender competition a few weeks prior.

“I double-checked with Lara that it wasn’t a trick,” she said. “It was the most absolutely amazing news.

“You buy tickets all your life in different competitions and you think it’s just a donation and nothing will come of it.

“We’re so very lucky to win something like this, you just don’t dream about it.”

Same paper for 30 years

Mrs. Dury and her husband Patrick were well-deserving of the prize, having been loyal subscribers of the Townsville Bulletin for more than 30 years.

The former air hostess said she had travelled the world and could not wait to enjoy their new motorhome.

Off to Hobart

“We’ll do lots of trips now, we’ll travel in style. Our daughter is about to move to Hobart, so we might go there as our first trip. We also have friends in Port Douglas, so we might go there. We were sitting around the fire in the backyard the other night thinking about all these amazing things we can do.”

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