Top cycling trails near Melbourne

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 9 May 2022

Cycling is a popular form of exercise in Australia- especially Melbourne where the cooler climates make easy for a peddle.

Victoria has been blessed with several great cycling tracks with none too far from the Education State capital, Melbourne.

Take a look through our list of the best cycling trails near Melbourne.

Main Yarra Trail

For the ultimate bush bike ride, check out the Main Yarra Bike Trail.

You can take a wholesome train into the bushlands, and then cycle your way to the diamond creek trail for a switch up from your day to day.

Merri Creek Trail

For a scenic ride along the creek, try out the Merri Creek trail for your next ride.

The dense trees and green surroundings are gorgeous to cycle through.

Hauntingly beautiful, it feels as if you’ve stepped straight out of the 1960’s for an afternoon bike ride.

Ruffey Creek Trail

A more lowkey option, the Ruffey Creek Trail doesn’t disappoint when getting back to nature.

Ride alongside the river and enjoy the sounds of the rippling waves against the bank.

Scotchman Creek Trail

If the name secretly doesn’t appeal to you, then the natural beauty of this trail will.

This spot screams Victoria with it’s grassy meadows and tall bushy trees.

This is also a great spot for beginners!

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