Time to Plan your Next Holiday

Category: News, Date: 10 December 2014

The last gasp of winter is yet to pass, and yet the spring holiday season looms. Now is the best time to plan for a spring or summer family getaway.

The best way to holiday is of course to go caravanning or camping, and now is the time to think ahead. Many caravan and holiday parks have seasonal specials, especially for early birds so it pays to be prepared.

But where will you go? Our free eBook, 99 Experiences is full of inspiration to help you decide. Whether you want to stay in your state, or venture far and wide, 99 experiences has something for everyone.

You can also learn from other families who have made the choice to take an extended caravanning holiday.

When the Brumby family decided to go on a six-month caravan trip across Australia, their goal was to be explorers.

Teeny describes the trip as an opportunity for the family to take some time together, as well as a perfect time for the kids to see Australia close up before starting high school.

“We needed an adventure before our children start high school. You can get to the end of life and be so busy with the everyday mundane things that we can forget what it is to STOP and smell the roses,” said Teeny.

“This was just that opportunity for our family. It also gave us the chance to work on our little family unit developing love, communication and educating our children in the process.”

For more inspiration on where to go and what to do while you’re there, check out our free 99 Experiences eBook. DOWNLOAD HERE.

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