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Thrill seeking activities in the NT while camping

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 8 June 2022

Have you done any of these activities while camping? Tell us in the comments below.

Sometimes we all want a little excitement in our lives, and the best way to do it is thrill-seeking experiences and activities while travelling!

See our favourite thrill-seeking activities here:

Jet Ski Tour


For a real thrill, check out the Jet Ski tours admiring the Darwin sunset.

Blast alongside the deep mangroves and fabulous shorelines at high speeds for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

To see more information, click here.

License To Thrill SSV Buggy Tour

Adventure off on a buggy tour in the Charles Darwin National Park for a real adrenaline kick.

Drive off-road in the SSV for a switch up from your normal day-to-day.

For more, click here.


Yup, it’s exactly how it sounds.

If you love fishing, why not level it up and fish out of a real-life aircraft?

This is a thrilling experience all your mates will be jealous of.

For more, see here.

For more camping and caravanning inspiration, head to our website here.

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