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Category: News, Date: 26 August 2016

Lynelle and Nev from Queensland are the excited winners of a brand new Mitsubishi Triton!  hey bought a Coldstream RV Caravan from Kratzmann Caravans, which enabled them to enter our ‘Win a Triton’ promo on the Let’s Go website. Lynelle and Nev looked for the RVMAP Accreditation Key when purchasing their caravan and ended up winning a band new Mitsubishi Triton to tow their new rig with.

It turns out this is the second Coldstream RV Caravan these two have owned and they have remained loyal customers of the brand. Lynelle says, “Our previous van was a Goldstream Crown, which we were very happy with and particularly in the quality and craftsmanship. In the years we owned the Crown, it never let as down on any of our trips where we covered approximately 24,000 kilometres across Australia”.

Lynelle and Nev were already planning their next trip up to the Gulf with their new caravan before winning the Triton and are very happy to also have a brand new tow vehicle to go with it. We are sure their upcoming 6 week trip will be the best they’ve ever had now – lucky ducks!

When we asked Lynelle what the Accreditation Key meant to them when purchasing their caravan, she said, “To us it means we are purchasing a product of a very high standard where no short cuts have been taken in the manufacturing process, which we believe in the long run gives you value for money”.

The RVMAP Accreditation Key is a symbol that the manufacturer of your caravan, camper or motorhome has made a commitment to build and supply product that consistently adheres to Australian Standards as well as design rules and regulations. Even better – manufacturers are regularly and independently audited, so you can trust what the Accreditation Key stands for.

RVMAP Manufacturer (TM)

So remember to look for the key!

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