Summer Caravan Giveaway Winner from SA

Category: News, Date: 30 April 2015

Our Summer Caravan Giveaway competition to win an amazing LOTUS Freelander caravan was a huge hit. We had over 85,000 entries and couldn’t have done it without our supporters, LOTUS Caravans and IFISH with Tackleworld.

Our winner is the very lucky, Emma Emes from South Australia, and while Emma and her family are waiting for their caravan to be ready, we sat down for a wuick chat about her awesome win!

Where do you plan to go first in the Freelander?
“Wow, so many beautiful places in South Australia we would love to go.  I think we’ll need to have a family vote on where to go first! Possibilities are Marion Bay, Cape Jervis, Robe, Renmark, Mount Gambier, Kangaroo Island, Goolwa, Naracoorte, the list keeps growing!

What is the best thing about winning this competition?
The best thing about winning the amazing Lotus Freelander caravan is that it was so unexpected. We were absolutely shocked and couldn’t believe the irony of our situation. We had just come home from a long weekend away with some great friends.  They all have caravans and we were the only ones that stayed in a cabin.  All weekend people were telling us (specifically my husband Michael) all the benefits they enjoyed about their caravans like how easy it was to pack up and go, being able to go where and when they wanted, knowing all their stuff was in one place, having their own comfy beds, it was like having a little home away from home.  Well, as it turns out, it looks like we will ALL be caravanning together in the future.

Who will be enjoying your prize with you?
My husband Michael and our four year old son Callum.  Michael and I both spent a lot of time camping as kids with our own families and have some great memories.  We would love our family to enjoy similar experiences like we did such as learning about living outdoors, Dad’s long fishing trips, sandy lunches on the beach, camp fire dinners, toasting marshmallows on sticks, searching for treasure in rock pools and counting stars in your sleeping bag.

A huge congratulations again to Emma and her family – we promise to share a photo of the lucky family with their new LOTUS caravan as soon as it’s built.

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