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Scorpion Caravanture Winner Announced

Category: News, Date: 29 January 2020

When Stacey Nutley first found out she had won the Scorpion Caravanture, she thought it was a prank.

Stacey had entered the competition aiming to win the runner-up prize of an Anaconda voucher, but was shocked to learn that she would in fact be taking home a JB Scorpion caravan worth $90, 000 in addition to $2500 worth of Anaconda gear!

“I had previously tried to win the Bullish Adventurer competition, and when I didn’t I got an email saying this competition was open and I really really wanted to win,” she said.

“I didn’t believe it (when I got the call). I thought it was my husband pulling a prank at first, and then when I called to tell him he didn’t believe me!”

Now, along with her husband Craig and kids Charlotte, Cooper and Codi, Stacey is planning to make the most of the incredible prize by undertaking a ‘lap of the map’ trip.

“We have had a pipeline dream to do the big lap; we were meant to do it while I was on maternity leave with our youngest baby, but our circumstances changed and we didn’t get to do it,” she said.

“So this is a huge thing… we never would have been able to afford it so this not only puts that back on the table, it makes it a reality.”

“We are very very excited.”

“The kids are stoked as well. We all love camping and getting outside away from technology. They love getting out in the fresh air, chasing each other around and using their imaginations.”

We would like to thank JB Caravans, Anaconda Stores and Step Outside with Paul Burt for their support in helping to make this fantastic promotion possible.

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