Reflecting on Major Competition Win

Category: News, Date: 8 February 2019

David and Sherryn Blower have always loved caravan and camping trips, and in 2017 their setup was upgraded more than they had ever expected.

At the Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow that year, they purchased a new Jayco Starcraft and filled in a form offering the chance to win a brand new Volkswagen Touareg.

They didn’t think anything more about the competition until they received a phone call three months later telling them they had won.

At first, David thought it was a prank.

“I thought the guy was scamming me, but we’d really won!” he said.

“We were very lucky. It’s not a car that we would have ever been able to purchase ourselves, so we feel very lucky to have won the prize.”

“We picked it up in December 2017 and have done about half a dozen trips in it since then- to start with it was just weekends here and there to get used to the van, then in January we did a great tour around the new England area. I’d love to do a lap of the map when I retire!”

Ever since he was a child, David has been an avid fan of camping trips and the great outdoors. He and Sherryn first began taking trips together over 20 years ago in a two man tent, then upgraded to a larger one after having kids before eventually purchasing an outback camper trailer.

Over the years they have also instilled their four children with a love of camping trips and the great outdoors, taking many trips together as a family.

“Our favourite trip with the kids growing up was Mon Repos up in Bundaberg to see the turtles; we went back there a few times when the kids were little,” he said.

“We watched our kids grow up and become independent and have great experiences. Each time they were more independent and they just loved the outdoors and the beach, and making their own fun.”

“Our children have now got the camping bug themselves; they’ve got their own swags and tents and love going away with their friends, so it’s sort of been passed on to the next generation and they all love it.”

What’s Next?

To see more competition winners, visit our website.

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